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The podcast that has conversations with Indie creators about music, meaning and the point of it all, so that you may be inspired by the journeys of other artists who are doing it for themselves and maybe gain a little more understanding as to why it matters quite so much that you keep creating.

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#43 Just be you | Lizzie Gaisford

You're not doing anybody any favours trying to be somebody you're not.

Lizzy Lou Gaisford is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in the band the Fishwives. She's also an ecologist with a particular passion for frogs.

We sat down for a chat in a rainy room in Eshowe mid-COVID some years ago. I FINALLY got around to listening to it. And much like every episode so far, it's come at a time when I needed to hear this conversation.

Maybe you do too?

We talk about making music as a coping mechanism, songwriting from a South African perspective, the desire to delete social media, the power of covering other people's songs, and how not doing music full-time doesn't need to change your identity as a musician.

"You play the songs that people love and that mean things to them and then you're doing your job. That's the archetypal purpose." - Lizzie Lou Gaisford (Fishwives)

"I have done lots of strange work for money and it's never affected my sense of self. I'm lucky. You can whore yourself out doing spreadsheets, but because I'm a musician, I can then stay up all night writing a song." - Lizzie Lou Gaisford (Fishwives)

The Fishwives very recently released a new album and it's SO GOOD. Follow the links to listen to it.

'Leadwood and the Lion' by Fishwives
Fishwives Facebook

#042 The service is to the song | Nicole Theron

'My hooks don't ba-dum-ching'

"If your idea of success is being on the radio, then you want to be in the entertainment industry. If your idea of success is making a lot of money, then you want to be in the music business. But if you want to touch people's lives, and if you want to have a life of wonder, adventure, and magic, then music is what you're after..."

Engaging, irreverent and subversive, Nicole Turon is a fearless singer, songwriter, poet and performer. She weaves delicate, intoxicating harmonies of piano and voice that haunt and linger with a wit sharp enough to cut you.

If you'd like to become her pen pal, email her at She promises to write back.

'Out of Context' by Nicole Theron. Music used with permission from rights holder.

#041 If you're an artist, you're never going to not be that | Andrew Jed

So don't be afraid of being fearless in your songwriting.

Ready to quit? Letting vanity metrics define your worth as an artist? Getting down on yourself because you don’t feel like you’re cracking a certain number of followers or likes on social media?

Just STOP!

Chock-full of advice and inspiration, Andrew Jed’s interview has some gems that will have you back in studio making music again. This is exactly what you need to hear today.

Andrew Jed is a songwriter and musician in the most vintage sense of the term. He is a songwriter for the songwriter, a musician for the musicians, and a performer for the people. His songs are records of moments and experiences and nostalgia and half-drunk bottles of old rough-edged saloon whiskey.

"Brakeman" by Andrew Jed. Music used with permission from the rights holder.
Visit Andrew's website

#040 Music saves lives. A reminder to follow your own vision and trust yourself

You are important.

If you're in the entertainment industry, chances are you took a real knock over the past two years! But Naledi Tlailane reckons that the thick skin that entertainers have had to develop from a career full of auditions (and subsequent rejections) helped prepare them for the ultimate "No" of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Naledi Tlailane is an actress, storyteller, presenter, voice artist, and aspiring documentary short filmmaker. She's an art and drama practitioner mostly working with children from underprivileged communities and uplifting our environment.

This week's episode is a small window into the life of a high-energy performer who gets to explore her goofy side in her drama work. Recorded sometime last year, Naledi and I chatted about creativity as a survival instinct, rejection as a tool for resilience, the importance of remembering where you started and WHY you do this!

We also talk a little about the slow unfurling of the music scene post-covid, and how EVERYBODY should stay creative, whether or not it's your job.

"Ethereal" by Rikus Nieuwenhuis (Karmic Kick). Music used with permission from the rights holder.
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#039 It's Gonna Be Fine | Shotgun Tori

If the artists think so, it must be true right?

Artists, more often than not, head into the dimly lit spaces that most fear to tread. They take the unpalatable aspects of being alive and transmute them into beautiful morsels that make reality and 'adulting' feel less lonely.

In this episode, Daniel Friedman takes the driver's seat and shines a spotlight on your host Shotgun Tori's new EP 'It's Gonna Be Fine!'

Riding Shotgun, she takes the guest seat, unpacking the making of this EP, the funding from SAMRO, the incredible musicians who feature on it, and whether she thinks it's actually GONNA be fine.

Shotgun Tori is an indie folk singer/songwriter who believes that stories are to be shared and not left to wither quietly. Point in case.

This EP was made possible by SAMRO's MCSF Initiative.

#038 Finish everything you do! | Bart Janssen

"The business is as important as the product."

Bart Janssen is a producer, composer, and guitarist from the Netherlands and working with companies like Universal, Disney, and Talpa, he has developed a strong portfolio. Bart is a well-known session guitar player and has performed with acts like the Backstreet Boys and Il Divo. Aside from producing several radio hits in the Netherlands, his music features on TV, radio, and internet ads.

We met over a decade ago, and his pop sensibilities have shifted many of the ways that I look at music. In this conversation, we focus on songwriting for other artists, as well as ways to make a living in the music industry.

This episode is FULL of really great advice for anyone trying to make money making music.
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#037 A catalyst for the magic | Jolene East

“I’m not asking a boy to come to band practice, I’m doing my own music now"

Jolene East (Jolling / The Honeymooners) is a singer-songwriter and a ukulele player, who loves to write authentic songs that bring out the emotions in people. Alongside her husband Steve East (Crystal Park / The Honeymooners), she also runs the venue Tweefontein Melkery.

In this charming (and delightfully hilarious) episode, Jolene talks about how karaoke brought her closer to the music, releasing her new EP, showing Vanilla Ice how to sokkie and the extent to which she missed festivals during lockdown: “I want to have no shoes on and have a doring in my foot, slide in mud and ruin my outfit early in the day. It’s fine!”

Her EP, "Fetch Me", was released worldwide through Just Music and can be found on all online platforms.

Outro music: "I know I love you" by Jolling.
Music used with permission from rights holders.
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#036 Funding Opportunities for Musicians | Andre le Roux

"It's not just about the money, it about a sense of self-worth"

Andre Le Roux is the Managing Director of IKS Cultural Consulting, head of the Concerts SA Project, on the board of the Market Theatre Foundation and the Audit and Risk Committee of Music in Africa, as well as the Southern African Focal Point for the African Culture Fund.

He is considered a highly regarded African cultural activist, and this week on the podcast we're talking about funding opportunities for musicians!

In this episode: what's been lost in the sector over the last two years, the Concerts SA Digital Mobility Fund (and best practices!), how the act of applying for funding can get 'some people out of that dark place of being alone', sharing information with other artists, unlocking the nighttime economy in our cities, and the importance of visionary leadership.

This should be required listening for any independent artist invested in their careers.

To find out more about funding opportunities, head to the Facebook link below. To get in touch directly with regards to the Digital Mobility Fund, email

For general questions, email

Outro music: Supa Tsela by Kgomotso Le Roux featuring DJ Clap.
Music used with permission from rights holders.
IKS Cultural Consulting on Facebook Please complete the streaming models survey Connect with Andre

#035 If there's anything else you'd rather be doing, do that | Justin Sasman (Bombshelter Beast)

"If you have kids, love them, have fun with them, and show them all of you."

Welcome to Episode #10 in a 10-part series on "Parents in the Music Industry" - made possible with funding support from the Music in Africa Foundation, the German Federal Foreign Office, Siemens Stiftung and Goethe-Institut.

Justin Sasman is a musical contractor, a brass player, and an educator at Northwest University in Potchefstroom. He plays in a band called Bombshelter Beast, and in the local orchestra. He's also a dad.

In this episode Justin talks about being selective about the work you take on, the self-esteem that comes from doing what you love (despite what anybody else thinks), remembering what is feels like to be a child, and how developing your craft makes you a better parent.

We also chat about how child-friendly venues could better support musicians who are parents, the importance of maintaining a sense of child-like wonder, and the perspective shift that comes with having kids (hint: all the things we think are important, aren't!)

Outro music: 'Taka Takata' by Bombshelter Beast.
Music used with permission from rights holders.
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#034 I could never have done it alone | Yvonne Chaka Chaka

"This industry is unstable unless you have your feet firmly on the ground."

Welcome to Episode #9 in a 10-part series on "Parents in the Music Industry" - made possible with funding support from the Music in Africa Foundation, the German Federal Foreign Office, Siemens Stiftung and Goethe-Institut.

Mama Yvonne Chaka Chaka is a musician, a philanthropist, and a lover of life. She's also a mother.

In this episode Yvonne talks about being a mom at 19, signing to a label, recording an album and becoming an overnight success. She talks about children as a gift from God, bringing her son on tour (and the artists who look after each-others kids backstage), being present as a mother and the importance of front-liner artists paying decent salaries to those behind the scenes.

What an incredible honour it was to have this conversation.

Outro music: 'Kulila' by Yvonne Chaka Chaka.
Music used with permission from rights holder.
Mama Yvonne on Facebook Mama Yvonne on Instagram Music in Africa Foundation Siemens Stiftung Goethe-Institut German Federal Foreign Office

#033 Raise somebody well | Mapumba

"Just brace yourself. It’s hard but it’s also beautiful."

Welcome to Episode #8 in a 10-part series on "Parents in the Music Industry" - made possible with funding support from the Music in Africa Foundation, the German Federal Foreign Office, Siemens Stiftung and Goethe-Institut.

Mapumba is a singer/songwriter and a guitarist who's into music, sound and life. He's based in Cape Town, and he's also a dad.

In today's episode Mapumba talks about the differences between raising a teen vs. a young child, how his refugee background taught him the value of giving your children a sense of security, the emotional support systems required for artists, how your wealth is the love that you put into your creative practice (that's the only thing you have any control over!), and being prepared to take whatever comes with being a parent.

Outro music: Mountains by Mapumba
Music used with permission from the rIghts holder.
Mapumba on Instagram Mapumba on Bandcamp Mapumba on Spotify Music in Africa Foundation Siemens Stiftung Goethe-Institut German Federal Foreign Office

#032 We have to look after ourselves, as mothers | Tamara Dey

"I didn’t know my own strength until having a child."

Welcome to Episode #7 in a 10-part series on "Parents in the Music Industry" - made possible with funding support from the Music in Africa Foundation, the German Federal Foreign Office, Siemens Stiftung and Goethe-Institut.

Tamara Dey is a creator, a manifestor, a mother, an entertainer, and a magic-maker.

In this episode Tamara talks about being a ‘crazy, silly, embarrassing music fan’, finding spaces where all the aspects of you come into play, ageism in the music industry, disco therapy, and bringing a child into the world on your own.

We also chat about how having kids shows you what you’re made of, the stigmas attached to having a baby when you’re a musician, making bold choices, importance of self-care and teaching your children that you CAN make money doing something you love.

Outro track: ‘Fire’ by Tamara Dey ft. Craig Massiv.
Music used with permission from rights holders.
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