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All about Aesthetics

This week, Dr Mark and Lauren-Kate Fletcher delve into the topic of ageing, discussing its symptoms and effective ways to slow down the process for a more youthful experience.
29 Feb 1 hr 01 min

Managing Stress in the Workplace

This week, Dr Mark speaks to Business coach, Michael Cooper, as they discuss strategies for workplace stress and burnout management. Gain practical insights on effective communication with colleagues and health-focused actions with your healthcare team.
22 Feb 1 hour

Debunking Misconceptions of Testosterone

Join Dr Mark as he debunks some of the misconceptions of testosterone use, alongside RN Elize van Aardt and Dante Laudati. They also get into some recently published studies on testosterone and its safety.
15 Feb 59 min

Unmasking Burnout

Dr Mark and clinical psychologist Dr Ansie Gous delve into the pervasive issue of burnout - exploring its manifestations, causes, and the toll it can take on mental and physical well-being.
8 Feb 58 min

Insomniac Insights: The Secret to Good Sleep

Join Dr Mark for an eye-opening conversation with a seasoned sleep specialist, Dr Alison Bentley, as they explore the fascinating world of sleep... unveiling the mysteries behind insomnia, and delving into the reasons why some people struggle with getting a good night's rest.
25 Jan 1 hr 01 min

Harmony Within: Navigating Hormone Balancing for a Healthier You

This week, Dr Mark and team explore the significance of hormonal balance in maintaining overall well-being, and the factors that can disrupt this delicate equilibrium. From lifestyle choices... to nutrition and stress management - they uncover practical tips and expert insights to help you achieve hormonal harmony.
11 Jan 1 hr 04 min

2023 Unwrapped: A year in Review

Join Dr Mark, RN Elize van Aardt and gut coach Stacey Holland as they unwrap the highlights, surprises and defining moments of the year 2023!
14 Dec 2023 1 hr 01 min

Mind Over Muffin: Can You Train Yourself Thin?

Can the power of the mind influence our physical appearance and is it possible to "train yourself thin?" Personal trainer Reinhardt Smit, clinical nutritionist Nicci Robertson and RN Elize Van Aardt join Dr Mark to unpack the intersection of psychology, habits, and fitness in the pursuit of a healthier body.
7 Dec 2023 59 min

Aesthetic Alchemy: Decoding the Artistry in Everyday Life

Dr Mark undertakes the task of educating Ilze Groenewald, RN Elize Van Aardt and Producer Ryan on the differences between Botox and filler, and the dos and don’ts when considering getting some aesthetic work done.
30 Nov 2023 59 min

Exploring Medications for Weight Management

Whether you're on a weight loss journey, or simply curious about the science behind it, this is the podcast for you. Dr Mark, RN Elize van Aardt, and nutritionist Nicci Robertson discuss the latest breakthroughs in weight management through medication, and unveil practical strategies to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
23 Nov 2023 1 hour

Decoding Men's Health

November is all about men's health awareness, and on this week's episode, Dr Mark dives deep into men's mental health with the incredible Dr Sean Thornley.
16 Nov 2023 53 min

Sexual Dysfunction in Women

This week, Dr Mark and RN Elize van Aardt discuss sexual dysfunction in women. They delve into the various causes and treatment options.
9 Nov 2023 57 min

Understanding Prostate Health

If you're waking up more than twice a night to urinate, experience pain on ejaculation, or blood in your urine, then you want to give this episode a listen. Dr Mark and RN Elize van Aardt give practical tips to check your prostate for symptoms and signs of prostate disease.
26 Oct 2023 57 min

Weight Gain - The New Pandemic

This week Dr Mark - alongside RN Elize van Aardt and functional nutritionist Nicci Robertson - explore why society is facing increasing health challenges. They uncover the factors behind the rise in obesity and how you can make informed choices for a healthier future.
19 Oct 2023 59 min

Discover the Power of IV Nutrient Therapy Drips

Let's 'drip' our toes into the fascinating world of IV drips, and unlock the secrets to a healthier, more energised you. Join Dr Mark and RN Elize van Aardt as they dive into the incredible benefits of this therapy.
12 Oct 2023 55 min

The Birth of T Clinic: From Idea to Hormone Balance

This week Dr Mark, RN Elize van Aardt and Dante Laudati explore how the pursuit of hormone balance became the core mission of T Clinic, and how lives have been transformed through hormone balance.
5 Oct 2023 1 hr 02 min

Breast reduction: The underfunded reconstructive surgery

Renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Vivien Jandera joins Dr Mark to dive into the life-changing impact of breast reduction surgery, how to access the surgeries and expert insights on the procedure's safety and benefits.
21 Sep 2023 52 min
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