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Originating from News Talk 94.1 the show deals with community issues and interests that affect listeners closer to home. With topics from major events across the nation and how they impact our area to interesting people and figures from across the Upper Cumberland. Local Matters is where local, matters.

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Bob Bell & Putnam Co. Schools' Diana Wood

Bob Bell talks with Diana Wood, the Instructional Supervisor from the Putnam County School System. They look at the plans for summer school with the sites from elementary school to high school, who gets the choice for tutoring in the fourth grade and what it is made up of, and…
29 May 10AM 34 min

Ben Rodgers & The Cookeville & Putnam Co. Visitor's Bureau

Ben Rodgers sits down with Shan Stout, Taylar Plush, and Tessa Davis from the Cookeville & Putnam County Visitor's Bureau. The four look at the role of the Visitor's Bureau in the Run For The Wall event, Tessa discusses what's new with the social media page, and the new east…
26 May 10AM 34 min

Sam Brooks & Tennessee Tech Athletics Department

Sam Brooks, joined by Mackenzie Vester, visits with Mark Wilson, the Director of Athletics for Tennessee Tech. The group recaps the exciting year for Tennessee Tech Athletics, all of the different hats Mark wears as the Athletics Director, and more thoughts on the championship season for the Tennessee Tech women's…
25 May 10AM 34 min

Tiffany Anton & Trey Cahill, Owner of Pet Wants Cookeville

On today's Local Matters...Tiffany Anton visits with Trey Cahill, the owner of Pet Wants Cookeville. The two talk about the motivation behind starting an all-natural, pet food business, what they've seen that has been working for them to play into their success, and what Trey thinks of the resources in…
24 May 10AM 34 min

Bob Bell & Putnam Co. School System's Jason Stickler

Bob Bell visits with ESSR, Data, & Testing Supervisor Jason Stickler, joined by Communication Director Buddy Pearson. The three look at what ESSR is and what it stands for, using data in different aspects of education to help decide where to go next, and what a learning gap is and…
23 May 10AM 34 min

Ben Rodgers & Meet State Rep. Michael Hale

Ben Rodgers visits with the representative of Tennessee's 40th district, Michael Hale. Together they talk about Michael's background spending most of his childhood in Dekalb County,  the decision Michael had that inspired him to run for office, and what he was expecting to be in the last session and some…
19 May 10AM 34 min

Sam Brooks & Upperman High School Baseball

Sam Brooks meets with Coach Wes Shanks. Head Baseball Coach at Upperman High School. The two discussed how it felt coming into the 2023 season after winning the 2022 state championship, the consistent culture within the program from grades to performance in the sport, and the challenges and needs that…
18 May 10AM 34 min

Local Matters With Tiffany Anton: Meg's Bread

Tiffany Anton visits with the owners of Meg's Bread, Meg Borland and Luke Yoder. The trio looks at how the business started and what it's grown to with both of their roles, how Meg's Bread is defined on the surface, and what is a bodega comparing it to a natrual…
17 May 10AM 34 min

Tiffany Anton & Meet Owner of J&G Exterior Solutions Joe Flurry

Tiffany Anton talks with Joe Flurry, the owner of J&G Exterior Solutions. The two go over Joe's journey that starts when he was 8 years old, all that goes into running a construction business starting with things like support from others, and when J&G Exterior Solutions launched and growing the…
10 May 10AM 34 min

Bob Bell & Putnam Co. Schools' Buddy Pearson

Bob Bell meets with Buddy Pearson, the Communications & Marketing Supervisor for the Putnam County School System.  Bob and Buddy how big the Putnam County School District really is, the month of May being one of the most exciting months for schools with a lot of activities planned, and the…
9 May 10AM 34 min

Ben Rodgers & The Four Mayors Part Two

Ben Rodgers meets with the Four Mayors of Cumberland, Smith, White, & Jackson counties for the second straight week. The group discusses what the mayors' plan to do for the opioid money coming to their counties, how they handle all day budget meetings with people that have full-time jobs, and…
5 May 10AM 34 min

Sam Brooks & Tennessee Tech Women's Basketball Kim Rosamond & Allison Clark

Sam Brooks visits with Tennessee Tech Women's Basketball Head Coach Kim Rosamond & Assistant Coach Allison Clark. The three talk about the never ending process of recruiting, some of the players that came back to use their "Covid year", and how the play-in game format works for the women's basketball…
4 May 10AM 34 min

Tiffany Anton & Meet Owner Integrative Animal Solutions Tracy Farley

Tiffany Anton visits with Tracy Farley, the owner of Integrative Animal Solutions in Sparta. They discuss what Integrative Animal Solutions is and where the idea came from, going from being a vet tech to researching and starting a business, and if the feedback is ever on the negative side that…
3 May 10AM 34 min

Bob Bell & Meet Tennessee Tech's College of Nursing Mary Lou Fornehed

Bob Bell meets with associate professor in the Tennessee Tech College of Nursing, Mary Lou Fornehed and former associate provost Rebecca Tolbert. They look at how Mary Lou received her love of medicine growing up in Sparta, what the Acute Care concentration means and what they do, and all of…
2 May 10AM 34 min

Caroline Moore & The Winners of Tennessee Tech's Eagle Works Competition

Caroline Moore sits down with the first, second, & third place winners of the 2023 Eagle Works competition. They discuss the inventions "Beam" by Bailee Dozier that connects singers and songwriters to local live music venues, he product "Crate Buddy" that allows you to store your backpack and other objects…
1 May 10AM 34 min
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