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Originating from News Talk 94.1 the show deals with community issues and interests that affect listeners closer to home. With topics from major events across the nation and how they impact our area to interesting people and figures from across the Upper Cumberland. Local Matters is where local, matters.

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Tiffany Anton: Upper Cumberland Cards & The Hobby Turned Business

Tiffany Anton sits down with Nathan Heady & Joe Kalis of Upper Cumberland Cards, a sports cards and collectibles trading business. They touch on if they feel like they're sports enthusiasts or if collecting cards is separate, how often they get approached by someone trying to know more about a…
17 Apr 10AM 34 min

Buddy Pearson & Monterey High School's Blake Van Winkle

Buddy Pearson meets with Monterey High School Math teacher Blake Van Winkle. They discuss his new role leaving the everyday classroom to be more county wide, how hard was it to teach in the old Monterey High School from the challenges it presented, and his thoughts on the statement that…
16 Apr 10AM 34 min

George Halford & Former Mayor, Urologist & Rail Trails Advocate Chuck Womack

George Halford visits with Chuck Womack, a well-known member of the community as a former Urologist, mayor of Cookeville and a big supporter of the outdoors. They talk about how Chuck became hooked on the Tennessee outdoors, the different opportunities in the outdoors from visiting state parks to hang gliding,…
12 Apr 3PM 34 min

Ben Rodgers & Meet Putnam Co. Parks & Recreation Department's Cody Maynard

Ben Rodgers sits down with the Director of the Putnam Co. Parks & Recreation Department Cody Maynard. They discuss what led to Cody applying with the parks department, the department's involvement with planning the Christmas decorations at the courthouse, and how much time they spend working on the soccer fields…
12 Apr 10AM 34 min

Tiffany Anton & Meet Lindsey Armes, Owner of Pretty Clothes Shoppe

Tiffany Anton talks with Crossville's Lindsey Armes, owner of the Pretty Clothes Shoppe. They touch on if Lindsey was feeling burned out from teaching when she opened up the shop, all about their Lots of Love program that helps four women a month from outfits to resumes, & what the…
10 Apr 10AM 34 min

Buddy Pearson & Upperman Athletics Director Ross Fanning

Buddy Pearson visits with Ross Fanning, the athletics director at Upperman High School. They talk about f there is a budget for each sport when it comes to fundraising, his interest in teaching biology going all the way back to a high school teacher he had, and how much has…
9 Apr 10AM 34 min

George Halford & Meet Retired Pathologist & Outdoorsman Sam Glasgow

George Halford visits with Sam Glasgow, a retired pathologist in Cookeville and a major role player with Rails For Trails in Putnam County. Sam talks about his early journeys around the globe both starting and ending at Tulane University, the "Ale for The Trail" events that began in the late…
8 Apr 10AM 34 min

Ben Rodgers & Smith County Mayor Jeff Mason

Ben Rodgers talks with Smith County Mayor Jeff Mason. Jeff recaps a meeting in Nashville that involves a zinc mine in Smith County that would bring some economic development, updates on the budget and what the outlook is plus when the committee has met, and if they have spent all…
5 Apr 10AM 34 min

Tiffany Anton & Meet Heather Karellas, Co-Owner of Streetlamp Creative

Tiffany Anton sits down with the co-owner of Streetlamp Creative Heather Karellas. They touch on what her biggest takeaway is for people that are learning to tell their own story, some exciting things about moving to Cookeville from the resources to business community as a whole, and where the name…
3 Apr 10AM 34 min

Buddy Pearson & All About AV Class With Upperman's Susie Dobbs

Buddy Pearson visits with Career & Technical Education teacher Susie Dobbs, teacher of the AV class at Upperman High School.  They talk about the process of getting equipment to build the program to what Susie envisioned, Susie talks about her background hailing from Nebraska to college in Chicago to her…
2 Apr 10AM 34 min

Ben Rodgers: Upper Cumberland Development District's Molly Brown

Ben Rodgers talks with Molly Brown, the Tourism Coordinator for the Upper Cumberland Development District. They talk about how long the Development District has had a tourism department and what its goal is, the "why" behind the show Wish You Were Here through WCTE, & what's different about applying and…
29 Mar 10AM 34 min

Tiffany Anton & The Baskin Robbins Scoop With Tyler Buck

Tiffany Anton visits with Tyler Buck, owner of Baskin Robbins in Cookeville. They touch on if Tyler ever thought about leaving Cookeville to open a business, was there a struggle to purchasing a franchise compared to starting something new, & how is he manages his age not getting in the…
27 Mar 10AM 34 min

Buddy Pearson & Meet Carrin Nash, VITAL School of Putnam County

Buddy Pearson talks with Carrin Nash, from Putnam County's VITAL School. They talk about the first thing he tells them when someone wants to know about VITAL, if teaching & coaching had always been apart of what he wanted to do, & if there are other grants that are coming…
26 Mar 10AM 34 min

George Halford & Jenny Spurlock & Making A Difference Everyday

George Halford meets with Jenny Spurlock, Case Worker & Constituent Services for the office of Congressman John Rose. The two touch on the experience of opening JJ Jax with her mother & it being more than a gift shop, remembering some of the projects she saw during her time with…
25 Mar 10AM 34 min

Ben Rodgers & Pickett County Executive Stephen Bilbrey

Ben Rodgers visits with Pickett County Executive Stephen Bilbrey. Stephen gives an update on how his term is going a year and a half in, some fishing tournaments that have been organized through the Chamber of Commerce that will also bring in tourism & business, and a budget update as…
22 Mar 10AM 34 min

Local Matters With Tiffany Anton: Zachary Buckner & All Things Hörmann

Tiffany Anton visits with Zachary Buckner, the Director of Marketing for the North America Division of Hörmann in Sparta. They discuss if the career change felt different to Zachary when he started with Hörmann, the company's partnership with Franklin Fixtures, and how this position has helped him travel the world…
20 Mar 10AM 34 min

Buddy Pearson & Putnam Co. Schools' Jason Stickler Talks Testing Season

Buddy Pearson talks with Jason Stickler, the Data & Testing Supervisor for the Putnam County School System. Jason talks about the CERT Program the county uses allowing the students to prepare for the ACT at home, how testing affects everything through the state's Department of Education, & what we have…
19 Mar 10AM 34 min

George Halford & Heart of The Cumberland & Dianne Callahan

George Halford visits with Dianne Callahan, a Putnam County native & former employee at the Chamber of Commerce that now works with Heart of the Cumberland. Dianne talks about how she lived her life in Monterey all within a one-mile radius, what were some of her misconceptions or things she…
18 Mar 10AM 34 min

Ben Rodgers & Meet Clay County Chamber of Commerce's Dr. Doug Young

Ben Rodgers meets with Dr. Doug Young, the Executive Director for the Clay County Chamber of Commerce. The two discuss Doug tells a story about his former high school principal giving him a job as principal, his time helping prisoners in Lake County get an education through a new program…
15 Mar 10AM 34 min
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