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Originating from News Talk 94.1 the show deals with community issues and interests that affect listeners closer to home. With topics from major events across the nation and how they impact our area to interesting people and figures from across the Upper Cumberland. Local Matters is where local, matters.

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George Halford & Meet Kevin Bowling, Founder of Aphena Pharma Solutions

George Halford talks with Kevin Bowling, local businessman and one of the founders of Aphena Pharma Solutions. They discuss why Kevin decided to stay in Cookeville when he could've worked elsewhere, what he sees in the younger generation with the different businesses he's starting, and his family foundation, Ebenezer Acres…
2 Oct 10AM 34 min

Ben Rodgers & Meet Smith Co. Commissioner Justin Mauldin

Ben Rodgers meets with Justin Mauldin, a Smith County Commissioner that's just wrapped up his first year in county government. They talk about any surprises Justin has seen during his first year as a commissioner, if his everyday job has helped him with working in county government, & goals that…
29 Sep 10AM 31 min

Sam Brooks & Mike McCloud, Owner of MMA Creative Pt. 2

Sam Brooks is joined by Mike McCloud, owner of MMA Creative for a part two on academics and athletics. The two talk about building MMA Creative into what it is today and also being interested in world food shows, what advice Mike would give to a high school athlete that's…
27 Sep 2PM 34 min

Buddy Pearson & Corby King, Director of Putman Co. Schools

Buddy Pearson is joined by Corby King, the Director for the Putnam County School System. Corby gives his assessment on the first nine weeks of the school year, the biggest issue in public education today, and what Putnam County can do to encourage people to go into teaching. Listen to…
26 Sep 10AM 34 min

George Halford & Meet Jenny Lee of the Winell Lee Family

.George Halford visits with Jenny Lee, co-owner of Winell Lee Moulding and Hardwood in Cookeville. They talk about the story of Jenny meeting her husband, her faith that's been one of the most important aspects of her life, and what she sees in the future for Winell Lee and Putnam…
25 Sep 10AM 34 min

Ben Rodgers & Baxter Police Chief Danny Holmes and Mayor John Martin

Ben Rodgers is joined by Baxter's Police Chief Danny Holmes and Mayor John Martin. They talk about what is bringing people to Baxter, how the project of roads is being handled to keep up with the influx of people, if there was anything that may have stuck out with this…
22 Sep 10AM 34 min

Sam Brooks & Meet Mike McCloud, Owner of MMA Creative Pt. 1

Sam Brooks visits with Mike McCloud, former athlete at Monterey High School and owner of MMA Creative. They talk about Mike growing up in Monterey and how he remembers the town from when he was in high school, expecting children to be successful while not letting them experience failure, and…
21 Sep 10AM 34 min

Local Matters With Bob Bell: Bob Bell Heads Into Retirement Pt.2

Larry Stone sits back down with Bob Bell for the second part of a Local Matters special as he retires. They talk about how different it is to work in a state that has a powerful brand like the University of Tennessee, the overwhelming feeling it is of having to…
19 Sep 10AM 34 min

George Halford & Former Mayor and State Representative Dwight Henry

George Halford talks with Dwight Henry, a former Cookeville mayor and State Representative. The two discuss Dwight's background being intertwined with politics and religion, his first trip to Cookeville that changed the course of his life, and both the opportunities and challenges the community today faces. Listen to the latest…
18 Sep 10AM 34 min

Ben Rodgers & Cookeville Vice Mayor Luke Eldridge

Ben Rodgers visits with Vice Mayor of Cookeville Luke Eldridge. They talk about any surprises that Luke has seen over the first year as vice mayor, the different encouragements and getting to know the rest of the council members, and current projects the city of Cookeville has taking place right…
15 Sep 10AM 34 min

Sam Brooks & Tennessee Tech Men's Basketball's John Pelphrey

Sam Brooks talks with John Pelphrey, the head coach of Tennessee Tech Men's Basketball team. They look at the playoff system for high school basketball in Kentucky wit hall schools playing for one championship,  being a small fish in a big pond and figuring how he could contribute when playing…
14 Sep 10AM 34 min

Tiffany Anton & The Biz Foundry's Jeff Brown

Tiffany Anton meets with Jeff Brown, the president and founder of The Biz Foundry in Cookeville. They talk about Jeff's feedback of the last 10 years of The Biz Foundry, the initiative to have an co-working space along with an entrepreneur center, and the Angel Investment Group that was a…
13 Sep 10AM 34 min

Local Matters With Bob Bell: Bob Bell Heads Into Retirement

Larry Stone talks with Bob Bell in a Local Matters special as Bob heads into retirement. They talk about the view that Bob was given from doing Local Matters, the next step he took when he realized that teaching was what he wanted to do, and when the seed was…
12 Sep 10AM 34 min

Ben Rodgers & Meet Sparta Mayor Jerry Lowery

Ben Rodgers visits with Sparta Mayor and former educator Jerry Lowery. Jerry goes over his background from being in the Navy to spending 33 years as an educator, how being a coach, teacher, and an administrator translates to being a city mayor, and what his process was for deciding to…
8 Sep 10AM 34 min

Sam Brooks & Tennessee Tech Football's Devin Squires

Sam Brooks meets with Devin Squires, a junior on the Tennessee Tech football team. They talk about the excitement the team is feeling with a new season underway, what Tech has to do this year to get where they want to be as a program, and breaking down this year's…
7 Sep 10AM 34 min

Tiffany Anton & Duck Pond Manor's Terra Ballinger

Tiffany Anton visits with Terra Ballinger, owner of the wedding venue Duck Pond Manor in Sparta. They discuss where the thought process and motivation for this space came from, how Terra keeps with all the moving parts that come with the wedding business, and the "one stop shop" feel that…
6 Sep 10AM 34 min

Bob Bell & Putnam County School System's Buddy Pearson

Bob Bell sits down with Buddy Pearson, Supervisor of Communications & Marketing with the Putnam County School System. They talk about more background on Buddy's role as the Supervisor of Communications & Marketing, the hot button issue of truancy within the school system, and going to different schools and seeing…
5 Sep 10AM 34 min
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