After decades of wandering around Africa alternating between hope-inspiring thrills and heartbreaking despair, award-winning journalist and commentator Jean-Jacques Cornish comes to CliffCentral. His twice monthly appearances involve frank discussions on events, developments and trends in the continent with the youngest, fastest growing and poorest population.

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Coup Denial in Congo Brazzaville

Zimbabwe slips into another era of brutal repression after last month's election, Congo Brazzaville denies a coup attempt, Sudan has the world's highest number of displaced people, and what led to Libya's flood disaster.
19 Sep 16 min

Going Green in Africa

The Nairobi Declaration prompts a heated discussion about the fate of Africa’s ‘green’ status. Is renewable energy more important than utilising unfarmed resources to keep up with the current demands of the country? JJ Cornish also gets into the latest on the aftermath of Zimbabwe’s election.
5 Sep 10 min

High Treason in West Africa

Niger's junta ups the ante saying they'll charge deposed President Mohamed Bazoum with high treason. And China, USA and Europe back a move to make the AU the 21st member of the G20.
15 Aug 16 min

A True Democracy

JJ Cornish is delighted to be joined by two regional partners, with most of the political noise happening in Zimbabwe, while Zambia seems to be doing quite well. Zim resident K.F. Malindi expresses his pride over Zimbabwe being independent, after being left behind by the Western world during the Mugabe…
1 Aug 20 min

Flying around Africa

Why are flights to African countries more expensive than flying internationally? Tunisia signs a migrant control pact, and Africa’s food security has been dealt another blow.
18 Jul 11 min

Tea with Mugabe

JJ Cornish drops in for Africanalysis to discuss the latest update on the Wagner mercenary operations in Africa, as Russia tightens the screws on them. It’s election time for Zimbabwe and Liberia, and the EU is getting involved by sending in election observers. And JJ is judged for having a…
4 Jul 19 min

How to End a War

JJ Cornish joins the GCS Takeover team to discuss the latest news from around the continent, starting with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s trip to mediate a conversation with Russia and Ukraine over the war. JJ also delves into the UN’s comment, saying the Sudanese deserve just as much attention as Russia…
20 Jun 12 min

Top 10 Most Neglected Crises

JJ Cornish joins the team to provide updates on the latest African news, which includes the Norwegian Refugee Council listing seven African nations in the top 10 most neglected crises. Additionally, Senegal has witnessed riots over the past 72 hours, resulting in eight fatalities, and Sudan's paramilitary forces have seized…
6 Jun 12 min

Mo Oil, Mo Problems

JJ Cornish discusses the growing humanitarian crisis in neighbouring countries dealing with refugees fleeing the fighting in Sudan. Nigeria is no longer the number one oil producer in Africa, but can you guess who is? And a retired teacher in an old beat up Toyota sedan is a lifesaver to…
16 May 21 min

Kenyan Death Cult

The first medical supplies arrive in Sudan since fighting started three weeks ago, with Egypt proposing a new draft resolution, Zimbabwe's independent electoral commission warns President Emmerson Mnangagwa that time is running out to name an election date, and the World Food Programme resumes desperately needed food aid to Somalia.
2 May 17 min

Battles and Wars

Why are the top brass Sudanese having at each other for no good reason? The team discuss what could be done from neighbouring countries and international organisations to restore peace there. JJ also touches on the soaring inflation in Africa due to the Russia/Ukraine war. With foreign aid drying up…
18 Apr 18 min

World Happiness Day

JJ Cornish jumps right into the world happiness index, which is a survey conducted by the UN looking at social support, income, freedom and lack of corruption. Did South Africa make this list? Kenyan leaders are praised for agreeing to talk and end a fortnight of mass street protests, and…
4 Apr 7 min

Election Challenges

JJ Cornish has some things to say regarding the Nigerian elections outcome... Peter Obi is already getting his legal team prepped for the challenge. Senegal’s President Mack Sall is challenging the two-term constitutional limit to run for a third - will this hold up? And Kenya has received some generous…
22 Mar 16 min

The 46 Least Developed Countries

JJ Cornish joins the show to discuss a range of topics, including thousands of Tunisians defying the government ban on protests against racist remarks by President Kais Saied, the 46 least developed countries in the world meet, and the Seychelles has a major drug problem.
6 Mar 16 min

Litchis at Christmas time

JJ Cornish joins us to give the latest on the gold imbroglio between South Africa and Madagascar. And African leaders at the AU summit have recommitted themselves to red carding countries that have an unconstitutional change of government.
20 Feb 21 min

The Psyche of the Nation

Rwanda is one of many countries throughout history overreacting when finally gaining some strength. Unfortunately under the rule of Paul Kagame, Rwanda is in full support of the Congolese Proxy, in which North Kivu is being targeted through mass killings, forced recruitment and innocent citizen arrests. Mali has expelled their…
6 Feb 9 min

Tunisians Don’t Vote

Tunisia sees a record low voter turnout of less than 9% for parliamentary elections at the weekend. France ends a visa dispute with Maghreb countries, and Kenya drops lion hunting for the Maasai Olympics, now in its 10th year.
19 Dec 2022 14 min

The AWOL President

JJ Cornish brings us the latest African news which includes ‘bumsters’ criticised for procuring young Gambian men for sex with older Western women, the Liberian president being away for 49 days, and Nigeria opting to scrap teaching primary schoolchildren in English.
5 Dec 2022 16 min

The AU to the Rescue

JJ Cornish shares the latest African news that includes Mozambique starting to ship gas to Europe, new peace talks between DRC and Rwanda set to start next Monday, and the plight of jailed British-Egyptian dissident overshadowing COP27 in Egypt.
14 Nov 2022 21 min

Getting thrown out of South Africa

JJ Cornish gives us the latest African news that includes how the Ethiopian peace talks in South Africa have extended past Sunday, the DRC expels the Rwandan ambassador - alleging Kigali is supporting rebels fighting in the east of the country, and more!
1 Nov 2022 12 min
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