Human Threads of Healing - With Dr. Ela Manga

Threads of Healing - With Dr. Ela Manga

The world is in the midst of a transformative storm. How we emerge will depend on the courageous choices that we make today and the commitment to both our individual and collective healing.

Healing is a process of change. It is an undoing. A disruption. A death of outdated constructs. A liberation from what has been suppressed, denied and numbed. It is a flow towards the undiscovered; a realignment with a new vision rooted in compassion, creativity and consciousness. To heal is to take responsibility for co-creating this reality.

Threads of Healing is the space for exploring what this could mean. By having deep conversations with wisdom keepers, doctors, artists, storytellers, entrepreneurs, fact-finders, activists and visionaries, we bring awareness to the voices who have answered their call to heal and discover a new way of being, here, in Africa, the birthplace of humankind.
Weekly English South Africa Self-Improvement · Alternative Health
14 Episodes

14. Epilogue with Dr. Ela Manga

We take a look back at the incredible journey we have taken to explore the threads of healing. Without each of our guests, Human and you the listener this would not have been possible. Deep gratitude to you all.
21 Oct 2020 10 min

13. Conversation with Marisa Farinha-Lloyd - Coach, Entrepreneur & Healer

Today we have a conversation with Marisa, business performance business coach, entrepreneur and healer. Marisa has great passion for supporting people through change. Marisa has developed her expertise in leadership, team development, and culture, in roles such as CEO (Chief Energy Officer) at Deloitte Consulting Africa and across a broad…
14 Oct 2020 37 min

12. Conversation with Rachel Nyaradzo Adams - Founder, Leader & Healer

We have a conversation with Rachel Nyaradzo Adams, the founder of Narachi Leadership. Rachel is a facilitator, ontological coach, advisory partner and speaker. She is driven by her commitment to empower leaders towards courageous and authentic leadership. Rachel’s passion comes from the belief that Africa will only get the future…
30 Sep 2020 42 min

11. Conversation with Lucy Draper - Clarke - Facilitator, Mindfulness Mentor & Healer

In studio with Lucy Draper - Clarke, who has spent many of her years in formal education, attaining her PhD both in Mindfullness and Education .Her interests later gravitated towards the Eastern and African Wisdom Traditions. Subsequently she moved towards being a researcher-practitioner where she explores the benefits of these…
23 Sep 2020 36 min

10. Conversation with Gillian Godsell - Teacher, Volunteer & Healer

We have a conversation with Gillian Godsell, a very accomplished and learned women who has embraced many fields of study and who seeks to help in the various sectors she touches and is involved with. Gillian Godsell is an academic who got her PhD from Boston University where she went…
15 Sep 2020 35 min

9. Conversation with Anni Snyman - Artist, Environmentalist & Healer

We have a conversation with Anni Snyman, who is an environmentalist healer, but also an artist at heart. At the core of her love and appreciation of art, is her deep environmental concern as well as the joy and challenges she faces through expressing herself through her art. She give…
9 Sep 2020 38 min

8. Conversation with Siven Maslamoney - Activist, Scientist & Healer

We have a conversation with Siven Maslamoney, who has been in pursuit of an inclusive and cooperative society since the 1980's with the schools boycott. He is a student activist, zoologist, volunteer, unionist, literacy teacher, entrepreneur, change architect and father. He shares his wisdom and findings along his journey with…
26 Aug 2020 38 min

7.Conversation with Natasha Fracchiolla - Entrepreneur, Writer & Healer

We have a conversation with Natasha Fracchiolla, who is a communications expert with over two decades of experience as a writer, content producer, editor and marketing manager who has worked with some of South Africa's most renowned brands. Natasha is passionate about the purpose, meaning and healing of words and…
26 Aug 2020 41 min

6. Conversation with Kevin Bloom - Author, Journalist & Healer

We have a conversation with Kevin Bloom, an award-winning author and investigative journalist and an initiated healer in the African indigenous wisdom traditions. In his role of practicing healing, he brings together the modalities of ubungoma, kabbalah and breathwork in both group and one-on-one consultative work. Kevin shares his insights…
19 Aug 2020 40 min

5. Conversation with Rutendo Ngara - Engineer, Philosopher & Healer

We have a conversation with Rutendo Ngara an African Indigenous Knowledge Systems holder and trans-disciplinary. She is a researcher who's professional interests have spanned from clinical engineering, healthcare technology management, socio-economic development, mathematics, leadership to fashion design with exploring the interface between science, culture, cosmology and healing. She shares her…
12 Aug 2020 57 min

4. Conversation with Dr. Riaz Motara – Cardiologist

We have a conversation with Dr. Riaz, a Johannesburg based cardiologist having an interest and focusing on cardiac-endocrinology and preventive cardiology. He is a founding member of the first Cardiovascular Risk Institute in Africa. He has recently become the brainchild of Brandmed, a digital health company that intergrates a wealth…
28 Jul 2020 37 min

3. Conversation with Kagiso Msimango - Healer, Teacher & Author

We have a conversation in studio with Kagiso Msimango. She is a energy healer, teacher, life coach and author of The Goddess Bootcamp and The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp. She tells her story which is one of inspiration, motivation and healing. She takes us on her journey and the realizations she…
28 Jul 2020 36 min

2. Conversation With Albert Louw - CEO & Founder of Human

We have a conversation with Albert Louw. He is a successful business owner, and has been an entrepreneur for over the past 17 years. He shares with us not only what drives him and his vision for a better future, but what he is doing to ultimately change how business…
28 Jul 2020 39 min

1. Introduction With Dr.Ela Manga

Healing is a process of change, it is a movement towards something that is new and undiscovered and it is a process of undoing. Dr Ela Manga shares what to expect from her new podcast Threads of Healing.
21 Jul 2020 1 min