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Wendy Knowler is arguably South Africa’s most experienced consumer journalist. She’s helped more consumers over her 20 year career in consumer journalism than she could count. But while known as a champion of consumer rights, Wendy is also known and respected by corporates for her fair, accurate and balanced reporting. Want to be a more sussed consumer or corporate? Listen to Wendy's episodes here.

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Wow service! Now for the fun stuff on Consumerwatch

Thanks to social media, consumer discontent confronts us everywhere - Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp groups - lots of grumpy, angry, frustrated consumers venting, naming and shaming. And yes, most of it well justified! But we also need to take the time to let others know when the service is amazing. So here's Wendy's 'Wow' show featuring stories from listeners of great service.

That “free” thing will cost you lots

The lure of free goodies has been used by marketers for generations to lure consumers in, and then get them to commit to paying - usually a lot - for anything from timeshare deals to vacuum cleaners, dietary supplements and face creams.

Open lines on ECR Consumerwatch

This week was our last episode of the year for Consumerwatch with Wendy Knowler, so we gave listeners a chance to speak to her about any consumer issue affecting them. Listen here...

Flight delays: How South African airlines compare

Anyone who flies regularly has experienced the frustration of flight delays. It can be utterly devastating - missed meetings, weddings, funerals, concerts, and connecting flights. Too often passengers are told 'too little too late', or delayed due to 'operational reasons. They’re told even less about the compensation they’re entitled to, and how to claim it. So in the spirit of knowledge is power, here’s Consumerwatch’s guide to flight delays.

Laying down the lay-by law

Consumer-friendly CPA lay-by cancellation rules can make life tough for retailers, but they can’t do it their way, says Wendy Knowler.

The contract that won’t let you go

No company likes to let a customer go, and in the past, many have come up with policies which make it incredibly difficult for you to cancel. Such as - if you don’t cancel your three-year contract on the very last day of those three years, you will be locked in with us for another three years, unless you pay a massive cancellation penalty.

Orange bags: Best you buy your own

The Orange Bag recycling project started off as a big moment for the city. Durban Solid Waste (DSW) showed the rest of the country’s large municipal waste departments the way by providing a mechanism for residents to separate their waste in their homes, and divert a meaningful percentage of it to recycling plants, so that waste didn’t end up in the landfills. "For now, it's the only way to keep Durban’s Orange Bag recycling project alive", says Consumerwatch’s Wendy Knowler.

Adding fuel to the fake fire - Part 2

Social media gives we consumers a powerful voice; a means to expose how we’ve been wronged by companies; and to warn others of dodgy practices and rip offs. And you’re safe - legally - if what you say publicly is true. Factual, real - not fake.

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