INCOSE SA Chapter Meetings (Western Cape)

Chapter Meetings (Western Cape)

This channel contains highlights from Western Cape Chapter Meetings. Various notable guest speakers are invited to talk about different aspects of the engineering of systems, the development of technical systems, the management of human systems and the complexity and challenges that accompanies it.
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Evolving MBSE to Enable the Digital Future

For over ten years, the systems engineering community has focused on transforming from document-centric to model-based techniques. But the challenge is not to transform systems engineering. The challenge is to transform the holistic engineering lifecycle. How must we evolve model-based systems engineering to enable the digital future? For 25 years,…
12 Oct 2018 1 hr 01 min

Using the requirements Tree -Ad Sparrius

The Specification Tree is a well-known artefact for system engineering; but for many purposes its resolution is not nearly fine-grained enough. The Requirement Tree has the resolution of individual requirements and individual characteristics, and proves to be a very useful artefact as will be discussed. Ad Sparius holds a BSc…
19 Sep 2018 58 min

Hanno Retief – Comparing sequential vs. incremental software development models

What is Agile really? Is waterfall really bad, and if so why? How does one makes sense of all the buzz words thrown about in today’s software development environment. Hanno Retief will present a comprehensive comparison of the most commonly used models, characteristics, their benefits and when to apply which…
25 Apr 2017 1 hr 05 min

Alwyn Smit - Getting the Most out of "Work" Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) can be a powerful aid in effectively managing projects, but it is also easily misunderstood and misapplied. Issues to be considered include: why WBS must not be just a breakdown of work, essential principles in adopting WBS as a management tool, failsafe rules for constructing effective…
23 Feb 2017 49 min

Dr Willem Barnard- Organizational Development in the Information Age

The development of an organization is a complex process: as a continuously changing organism, it is confined to a structure created in a continuously changing environment. This talk aims to give a broad and philosophical overview of the essential aspects of such an organism: the environment (legalities, paradigms and algorithms);…
24 Nov 2016 47 min

Giorgio Brajnik - Agile usage-centred software development

Despite technological advances seen in the past decades, several best practices for developing usable user interfaces are still too seldom being applied. Yet, the user interface of a software system is often its most complex and volatile component, where most of the problems in the end converge. While agile approaches…
13 Oct 2016 1 hr 18 min

David Long - Beyond MBSE: Looking towards the Next Evolution in Systems

For almost ten years, the systems engineering community has been focused on the transformation from document-centric to model-based techniques. While most systems engineering organizations have completed pilot efforts, established appropriate communities of practice, and are plotting their path forward, this transformation is far from complete. In terms of the Roger’s…
5 Sep 2016 1 hr 07 min

Dr. Dietmar Winzker - "Systems Engineering, Innovation and Leadership"

Often portrayed as separate items, requiring separate disciplines, Systems Engineering, Innovation and Leadership should really be viewed as a “merging” of interrelated parts, making something greater than the sum of these three together. This talk will relate experiences and findings by dr , working across diverse countries and industries and…
26 May 2016 1 hr 35 min

Chantell Ilbury – "Welcome to the Age of The Fox…thinking the future"

INCOSE Western Cape Year End Function: Chantell Ilbury is an independent scenario strategist, facilitator, speaker and top-selling business author. She specialises in guiding organisations through strategic conversations, especially in times of uncertainty. Chantell holds a BSc in Chemistry, a post-graduate Higher Diploma in Education, an Executive MBA from the University…
26 Nov 2015 1 hr 07 min

Robert Halligan - "An Overview of ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015"

ISO/IEC 15288 – "Systems and Software Engineering - System Life Cycle Processes" has had a chequered history. Does the release on 15 May 2015 of ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 mark the commencement of a new era? Robert believes so. The importance of the release of this new version of the standard cannot…
8 Oct 2015 1 hr 07 min

Prof. Alan Brent – The Western Cape Green Economy Model (WeCaGEM)

Prof. Alan Brent – "Using System Dynamics to investigate transition and investment scenarios: The Western Cape Green Economy Model (WeCaGEM)" Transitioning to a green economy presents opportunities and challenges for not only national governments, but also provincial and local governments. Within the South African context, a green economy transition is…
20 Aug 2015 45 min

"Industrial Symbiosis and the Circular Economy." - Sally-Anne Käsner

Industrial Symbiosis is the collaboration between organisations to achieve resource efficiency, with particular focus on material and energy exchange. IS has evolved over the years in terms of scale and types of exchanges; however the motivation for the implementation of an IS approach by companies is the (typically mutual) benefits…
2 Jul 2015 1 hour

Why Systems Engineering … ?

Why Systems Engineering …? Presented by Gerhard Swart. Gerhard is a multi-disciplinary Systems Engineer and Technology Strategist, consulting from his company Alphadot (Pty) Ltd. Alphadot helps customers achieve the profitable commercialisation of products based on high-impact local technologies, particularly in the fields of Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles. He hopes…
19 Feb 2015 1 hr 07 min

South Africa's Energy Outlook

South Africa's Energy Outlook - Presented by Kobus Meiring. Kobus was born in Paarl, matriculated at Paarl Boys High and graduated at the University of Stellenbosch as a mechanical engineer. He started his career at Denel Aviation in 1988 and was appointed Rooivalk Programme Manager in 1997, a position he…
20 Nov 2014 1 hr 05 min

Systems Engineering in Turbulent Times

Systems Engineering in Turbulent Times. Presented by David Long. For over twenty years, David Long has focused on enabling, applying, and advancing model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to help transform the state of the systems engineering practice. David is the founder and president of Vitech Corporation where he developed CORE®, a…
23 Oct 2014 55 min

Francois Retief - INCOSE Certification and the Systems Engineering Handbook

INCOSE Certification and the Systems Engineering Handbook. Presented by Francois Retief. What is the value of INCOSE Certification? What are the various certification types and what are their requirements? What processes do I need to follow to become certified? What experience do I need and what can I expect in…
17 Jul 2014 1 hour
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