Priscilla Mensah and Sepo Hachigonta - Showcasing South Africa’s investments in Systems Analysis

The talk will showcase a collection of peer-reviewed articles by promising young scientists and their academic mentors. The research is contextualized by South Africa’s multi-year investment framework in research and capacity development for systems analysis through the NRF and the Department of Science and Technology (DST). This seminal publication serves as a valuable resource for policy makers, researchers and postgraduate students; providing tools and an analytical foundation for the management and governance of natural resources, disasters, and climate change for the technological and ecological transitions to sustainability. The book, edited by Priscilla Mensah (NRF), David Katerere (TUT), Sepo Hachigonta (NRF) and Andreas Roodt (UFS):
• Serves as a valuable resource for policy makers and also postgraduate students conducting research using systems analysis thinking.
• Provides an analytical foundation for the management and governance of natural resources, disasters, and climate change
• Includes scientific and strategic analysis to better understand the dynamics of future energy transitions, their main driving forces, enabling factors, barriers, as well as their consequences
• Improve our understanding of ecosystems and their management in today’s changing world
• Provides support for policy makers in developing rational, realistic and science-based regional, national and global strategies for the production of fuel and food.

Dr. Priscilla Mensah is Director in the Human and Infrastructure Capacity Development Directorate of the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa.

Dr Sepo Hachigonta is Director of Strategic Partnerships at the NRF of South Africa.
28 Aug 2018 English South Africa Technology · Health & Fitness

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