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35 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±1 hr 01 min episode every 6 days
I'm a work from home dad, who is an academic scientist in studies optimal environmental health, drawing input from multiple disciplines. A go-to guide for overall men's / dad's health, that being physical, emotional, sexual, physiological but to name a few. Using science to explain them. This being said, although my outlines on the subject are very detailed and specific I have to cover all aspects of 'health'. The changes one can make impact one's life as a whole. It certainly has and still continues to do so for me. As a man, I have had to evolve the way in which I do things, my last seven years has been spent with a forced health change that has had to 'evolve' daily, weekly, monthly and yearly through practice, understanding, mistakes, work, and study.
For example: at the start of the year I had a stroke and had to apply my learning and learn a bunch of new stuff to accelerate my recovery. One of the tools is cold thermogenesis. As a byproduct With no calorie counting and no exercise, I was able to get a 4/6 pack (depends on the day of the week), while still building and retaining muscle. It's the application of biophysics.
Basically, I apply the same things to my family, children, raising our new puppy and being a husband to my wife. My science is also being used to aid in policy development to help protect communities.

Going Wild with Kelly Thompson

2 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±8 min episode every 1 week
A weekly look at the latest wildlife news from Windhoek in Namibia.
Kelly is a freelance journalist, photographer and conservationist and will delve deep down to the latest in wildlife protection and conservation.
Her passion is the saving of the Rhino, so particular interest will be spent there.

Kelly is a public speaker and MC who has decided she needs to share her story of being a warrior woman (not survivor) to the rest of the world and inspire both men and women to look at other medical options than that of just chemotherapy and radiation, which nearly killed her.

The A(rt) Collection

1 EPISODES |  Podcast
I am Wendy and for a while now I have been going on and on about how we need a show that focuses on artists. I am talking about storytellers, painter, illustrators, poets and everything in between. A moment of speaking to the being behind the art. I am an avid art lover and I try by all means to read as many local books as possible, listen to all upcoming artists jams, visit galleries that promote local painter, sculptors and my fav attending poetry sessions.
I want to share all of that with anyone who will listen!
I am a generally cool human being who is just trying to get by sharing stories and hearing stories…
UhmWendy and this is The A(rt) Collection!

M and N LIfestyle

14 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±9 min episode every 1 week, 2 days
Welcome everyone to our new show called M and N Lifestyle. This is a brief introduction of who we are and what we are all about.

We will be discussing different topics around Sexuality, Pleasure and Freedom. We will be sharing our thoughts and experiences with you openly and authentically. You are welcome to email us some topics or questions that you would like us to discuss on our show at

Also go check out our website to learn more about us at

What have you done this week to experience pleasure and freedom?

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