SA's army of dirty, rich lawyers: fearless corruption-buster Paul O'Sullivan starts a war

We’re talking about South Africa’s army of dirty lawyers in this BizNews podcast. Hundreds of SA lawyers are rich on the proceeds of crime - even ones who look respectable. But Paul O’Sullivan, Forensics for Justice founder, has a plan to bring many of them down. O’Sullivan has fought tirelessly to bring the corrupt and captured to book. He played a key role in putting former chief of police, and former Interpol boss, Jackie Selebi behind bars. He has shared his knowledge with the Zondo Commission, which is investigating state capture. He filed his affidavit with the Zondo Commission in August and it has now been made public. He is also working on a new book and, he tells BizNews, a strategy to hold many dirty lawyers who work for the state as well as on defence team to account for their role in supporting corruption. He wants a judicial review and Parliamentary questions to find out how much taxpayers are spending to defend corrupt public servants. More on the affadavit, on the BizNews website.