Ndixelele, Ndibesisi Caka Nini Kwakhona?! (How did I become a slave again?) by: Sinomhlobo Makeleni | Ep 3

Episode 3 of "Inside Wants Out" features a poem titled 'Ndixelele, Ndibesisi Caka Nini Kwakhona?!', which translates to 'How did I become a slave again?' in English.
The poem is written and narrated in Xhosa by, South African poet, Sinomhlobo Makeleni.

The poem was written out of pain as Sinomhlobo reflects about the injustices happening around the continent. In this poem she addresses, racism, slavery, xenophobia, afrophobia and #EndSARS.

About the poet:
This 26-year-old poet is a mother of two and was born and raised in King Williams Town, Mdantsane Township (East London).

Currently based in Joburg, Sinomhlobo is a writer, poet and aspiring activist. She started writing at an early age and enjoyed crafting songs and essays and stepped into poetry in 2018.

For her, writing is a form of a riot or defiance. She feels strongly about Africa and its people and portrays her love of the continent through her poetry and thoughts about the world we live in and the issues we face in society.

Sinomhlobo seeks to change the world for the better through her writing to heal herself, inspire and enlighten others.