#10  The Alec Hogg Show - Meet David Scott, SA's YouTube sensation The Kiffness: gifted, brave, brilliant - and wise. Ep 10

Our guest in episode is an extraordinarily talented and courageous young man whom the Scott family call David but the rest of South Africa knows as The Kiffness. His wildly popular musical parodies and satirical Youtube videos have attracted millions upon millions of viewers, turning the mild mannered musician into one of the most recognizable faces in the country.
The one-time medical student’s art hasn’t been without risk, however, with occasional puffed up politicians taking sufficient umbrage, occasionally letting lose their social media attack dogs. But as you’ll hear in this deeply moving discussion with a 32 year old with wisdom well beyond his years, The Kiffness is unbowed. Because he figures that without freedom of expression, there’re no point in calling ourselves a democracy.