#14  Comeback Kid Adrian Gardiner - from bankruptcy to luxury hotel mogul. The Alec Hogg Show, Ep.14

The focus of this episode is one of South Africa's most successful entrepreneurs, Port Elizabeth's Adrian Gardiner. The inspirational story of this low profile family man exposes the ingredients needed by all successful entrepreneurs: curiosity, tenacity, humility, grit and, most of all, the self-belief to dust yourself off and start again. Gardiner lost everything in 1979 when an economic recession pushed his highly geared businesses into bankruptcy. But within a decade he was back on top of the local pond - and through his Mantis Group, making inroads on the continental and global stage. A fascinating story of a man who, at 77, despite being heavily invested in the Covid-19 affected hospitality sector, retains all the optimism of his youth.
Season 1 / Episode 14 14 Dec 2020 English Read by Alec Hogg South Africa Business · Business News

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