#15  The Alec Hogg Show: Third World Child GG Alcock: Common sense optimism about SA - Ep 15

In a world overpopulated with fakes, the authenticity of GG Alcock is a beacon of hope. Raised in a mud hut by committed South African Liberals, Alcock's story is inspirational, insightful and uplifting. For those who have read them, his excellent books Third World Child and Kasinomics expose a country few suburb-dwelling South Africans know exists. In this wide ranging discussion, Alcock shares how his roots in rural poverty created unique perspectives on issues that today baffle most of his fellow citizens. For instance, how the corruption-ridden ANC retains political power despite its well acknowledged failings; how massive but mostly unrecognised economic transformation has changed the landscape of former townships; and why he is optimistic at a time when pretty much every pundit sees the SA glass as half empty. For anyone seeking to understand the contemporary South African story, this is a must-listen. Alcock is simply superb.
Season 1 / Episode 15 1 Feb 2021 English Read by Alec Hogg South Africa Business · Business News

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