BizNews is a disruptive internet publishing business which was founded in August 2013. It embraces Jeff Bezos’s Day One philosophy of using software instead of people wherever possible, thus freeing its brainpower to focus on fulfilling an obsessive customer focus. It is a fully remote business, has no physical head office and a team spread across the world. With hubs in Edinburgh, Johannesburg and Cape Town, BizNews is uniquely positioned to serve South Africans with a global mindset through independent reporting and commentary on local and global issues that affect their lives. The subscription service, BizNews Premium, features bespoke commentary, exclusive WhatsApp and Twitter channels and investment webinars.
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BizNews Radio

Welcome to BizNews Radio where we interview top thought leaders and business people from South Africa and across the globe.
23 Jul 12PM 5,347 episodes English Investing · Business News

The BizNews Premium podcast

BizNews founder Alec Hogg analyses and contextualises the past week's market-moving news, often sharing the back story unavailable elsewhere. It also highlights the Top Three listened-to podcasts of the past week, with a short excerpt to provide a taster should you want to listen to the the full episode.
30 Oct 2022 7 episodes English Business · Investing

BizNews Power Hour

The BizNews Power Hour, anchored by top financial journalist Alec Hogg, covers all the business news that matters. The program features contributions from the BizNews team, South Africa's independent and highly disruptive business media company. The format is conversational, fun and engaging with the team drawing on deep knowledge of…
11 Mar 2022 5AM 209 episodes English Business · Investing

BizNews Flash Briefing

To stay on top of business news in South Africa be sure to listen to the BizNews Flash Briefing. You byte-sized chunk of everything that matters.
10 Mar 2022 9AM 14 episodes English Business · Investing

The Alec Hogg Show

The Biznews founder and broadcasting veteran hosts this half hour audio biography with guests selected simply because they’re interesting, on the basis that if their stories were captured in book form, they'd likely be a best seller. The half hour podcast is intended to leave listeners better informed, uplifted...and inspired.
8 Sep 2020 16 episodes English Read by Alec Hogg Business · Business News

Cyril Ramaphosa - The Road to Presidential Power by Anthony Butler

This is a serialised audiobook of the most comprehensive and respected biography on South Africa's president. Written by UCT Political Science professor Anthony Butler and read by Biznews founder Alec Hogg, it's broken into 28 instalments, with a fresh one published weekly on Mondays. The full audiobook is available for…
16 Jul 2020 17 episodes English Read by Alec Hogg Government · History

Inside Covid-19

The BizNews team produces a weekly podcast on Covid-19, offering a rational perspective on how the virus is impacting the lives of all South Africans. It will also house the latest news and insights on what was initially termed coronavirus.
1 Apr 2021 7AM 119 episodes English Health & Fitness · Business News

The Leadership Riptide and How to Escape

What does leadership have to do with a riptide? Being caught in a riptide means thrashing around, expending energy and effort – ending up no closer to the shoreline. Right now, as leaders, many of us feel a similar frustration: implementing myriad interventions and initiatives – and yet no closer…
8 Nov 2020 13 episodes English Business · Careers

Rational Radio

Rational Radio is the weekly business news show hosted by BizNews editor Alec Hogg. It runs for around an hour and features leading commentators from the investment and financial world, including regular guest David Shapiro.
29 Jan 2021 421 episodes English Business News · Investing

Moments of Clarity

Excerpts from BizNews Radio interviews that give listeners a taste of the full version available on our free App. To download: search for in the Google Play or Apple App store.
20 Jan 2021 4AM 82 episodes English Business · Business News

Joburg Indaba

Joburg Indaba podcast links
11 Nov 2020 38 episodes English Business

BizNews Radio (OLD)

Welcome to BizNews Radio where we interview top thought leaders and business people from South Africa and across the globe.
29 Jul 2020 1PM 2,198 episodes English Investing · Business News

Julian Roup - Life in a Time of Plague

South African born and raised Julian Roup reads us his fourth book which chronicles experiences as a near 70 year old living in the UK during a time when Covid-19 is killing tens of thousands, mostly of his age. The author of three published books - A Day in the…
6 Jul 2020 8AM 47 episodes English Society & Culture · Personal Journals