#12  Bobby Godsell: Oppenheimer's unlikely mentee urges perspective, new GNU, offers message of hope - Alec Hogg Show Ep 12

Another extraordinary South African features in this episode of the long-form biographical podcast. At 68, Bobby Godsell's passion for his homeland hasn't dimmed and in this rare interview, he proposes an approach to living in SA that works. Born in Boksburg and raised in Durban, Godsell spurned repeated offers by one of the world's richest men to run a mining empire - and not for a moment regrets that decision. And at this difficult time, when many of his countrymen are giving up on SA, Godsell offers perspective and a message of hope. Among his suggestions: returning to a Government of National Unity to help SA overcome the massive challenge of recovering from the Covid-19 destruction.
Season 1 / Episode 12 27 Oct 2020 English Read by Alec Hogg South Africa Business · Business News

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