#4  The Alec Hogg Show: Meet Clem Sunter - the ultimate fox. Ep 4

In Episode Four our guest is a lad from Kensington in London whose chance meeting with a lass sitting on a wall in Cornwall sent him on an adventure that was to have a massive impact on South Africa’s peaceful transition. Until fate intervened, the highlight of Clem Sunter’s life had been playing on the undercard of a Rolling Stones concert at Oxford University as one half a folk music duo called Clem and John. Like other guests on this show, Clem was selected on the basis that if his story were captured in book form, it would likely be a bestseller. The only surprise is why South Africa’s most famous futurist hasn’t written that autobiography already. Clem Sunter is a prodigious written, having written 17 books, the most recent of which refer to how we can all learn from foxes in this world of warp speed change.