The Future of Actuarial Work

Lukas Ehlers - Manager at Deloitte South Africa
Shuaib Ghoor - Manager at Deloitte South Africa

Lukas is a senior manager in the Short-Term Insurance practice of Deloitte Actuarial & Insurance Solutions. He has more than 8 years’ experience and primarily specialises in Short-Term Insurance and Healthcare pricing. He also has extensive experience in reserving, product development and risk management. He has also recently increased his involvement in the fields of actuarial modernization and workforce transformation.

Shuaib is a manager in the Short-Term Insurance practice of Deloitte Actuarial & Insurance Solutions. He joined Deloitte in 2012 straight out of university. He has more than 6 years’ experience in Short-term insurance with a focus on reserving, capital modelling and regulatory compliance . In addition, he managers a team consisting of software developers and actuarial analysts working on the EXEMPLAR reserving software platform. Shuaib has built several bespoke actuarial models for insurers offering niche insurance produces. He has also worked in several non-traditional actuarial spaces including the valuation and pricing of motor plans and modelling
telecommunications networks.
7 Sep 2018 English South Africa Investing

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