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© Actuarial Society of South Africa 2009 - 2011 The Actuarial Society of South Africa is the professional organisation for actuaries and actuarial students in South Africa. The vision of the Actuarial Society is an actuarial profession of substance and stature, serving, and valued by, our communities as a primary source of authoritative advice and thought leadership in the understanding, modeling and management of financial and other measurable risk.

Life Assurance Seminar Johannesburg 10 May 2018

9 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±42 min episode every 1 hour
1. A view from May 2018: Speaker: Ian Cruickshanks Chair: Colin van Zyl 2. Our TCF Journey: the good, the bad and the ugly: Speakers: Paul Truyens, Giles Waugh, Nina Le Riche, Johann Le Roux Chair: Nicolaas Kruger 3. Product Innovation in Micro-insurance: Speaker: Marc Tison (Zing) Chair: Andrew Warren 4. Assured Lives mortality investigation: Speakers: Leza Wells & Etienne Rossouw (CSI committee) Chair: Andrew Warren 5. IFRS 17 – one year on: Speakers: Renaldo De Gouveia, Michael Meerkotter, Tracy Lister, Jac Niemand Chair: Andrew Warren 6. Future of Insurance: Speaker: Peter Temple Chair: Tracy Lister 7. Passing the buck: The admin system risk Speakers: Mia Geringer, Lukas Ehlers (ASSA system and techology committee) Chair: Tracy Lister 8. APN106: Speakers: Simon Louw Chair: Saneliswe Nkuta 9. Professionalism and Ethics: Speakers: Sandile Mbili Chair: Saneliswe Nkuta

Actuarial Society 2016 Convention

45 EPISODES |  Event, ±44 min episode total time 33 hour
Actuarial Society 2016 Convention Cape Town International Convention Centre Cape Town 23 – 24 November 2016 The Actuarial Society’s 2016 Convention built on the success of last year’s Convention, with feedback on the Convention being used to provide an even better experience. We welcomed over 1500 Actuarial Society members to an event that was professionally enriching and challenging, with opportunity to both learn and contribute.

Pensions Seminar, 2016

8 EPISODES |  Event, ±42 min episode total time 5 hr 41 min
This Pensions Conference will offer insights into a variety of topics that are of interest to practitioners in the retirement and savings area, given where the South African retirement and savings system finds itself at present. Items to be presented on and discussed will include an economist’s view on the state of the South African economy and the implications for savers and investors, a session that showcases international evidence on the determinants of savings, as well as a presentation on the development of savings programs which over the long term address the broader needs of South Africans. There are specialists presenting on the funding for life or death and the challenges of creating sustainable income for those retiring with insufficient assets, and appropriate default investment strategies pre- and post-retirement. The Pensions Funds Adjudicator will present cases that will be of interest to actuaries, and there is also a professionalism presentation covering professional skills for experienced members.

Actuarial Convention 2015: “The future belongs to the curious”

27 EPISODES |  Event, ±1 hr 08 min episode total time 30 hr 59 min
17 - 18 November 2015 , Sandton Convention Centre , Johannesburg, the Society’s 42nd Convention. Albert Einstein famously said that he has no special talents, he is only passionately curious. What are you passionate or curious about? The Actuarial Society’s 2015 Convention is fresh and different in a couple of ways: Cutting-edge, progressive thinking, New formats and practical ideas, More interaction and connection opportunities, A range of new topics and session types on offer with some impressive international speakers. This channel contains the recordings from the event. KEY: ℗ = paper. --SEE THE LINKS BELOW FOR THE PROGRAM AND SUMMARIES--

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