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Sessional Meetings and Podcasts

This channel contains recordings from sessional meetings as well as podcasts and other audio material of value to actuaries and actuarial students in South Africa.
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Cyber Risk Sessional

Held at Auditorium, 1 Mutual Place, Sandton on 9 October 2019 from 16:30 - 17:30
9 Oct 2019 55 min


The topic was “Infrastructure Investment by Pension Funds” Host: Malizole Mdlekeza - Chairman: ASSA Alternative Investments Forum Panelist 1: Phathutshedzo Mabogo - Deputy Chief Investment Officer: Eskom Pension and Provident Fund Panelist 2: Kholofelo Molewa - CEO: Africa Infrastructure Securities (Infrasec)
25 Feb 2019 1 hr 13 min


Dr Herman Edeling - Medico-legal Examiner and Mediator Mr Lusani Mulaudzi - ASSA President Elect and the CEO of Grassroots Impact Solutions Neeta Khandoo - Physiotherapist Dr Herman Edeling will share his insights on the topic of “The determination of Life Expectancy in Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice claims, with…
25 Sep 2018 1 hr 36 min


Chaired by: Malizole Mdlekeza FIA CAIA CERA - Chairman - Actuarial Society of South Africa - Alternative Investments Committee Speakers: Linda Mateza - Head: Human Resources Management at GEPF (Government Employees Pension Fund Ndabezinhle Mkhize - Chief Investment Officer at Eskom Pension and Provident Fund Lynette Ntuli - Chief Executive…
25 Jul 2018 1 hr 31 min


What is the Role of the Actuary in Microinsurance? What is the demand and supply of actuaries in the Microinsurance space? How do the Governance and Operational Standards for Microinsurers compare to those for Insurers? What are the PPR requirements, particularly for Funeral insurance? What are the issues around contract…
31 May 2018 56 min

Student Sessional Meetings: Board of Examiners

The Actuarial Society Academy has pleasure in inviting you to sessional meetings at which André Bellingan will share information on what examiners want, how the examination (and marking!) process works, and various other valuable hints and suggestions. André has extensive experience as principal examiner, so this is a meeting you…
4 Apr 2018 2 hr 05 min

Big Data in the Cloud

Insurance companies are increasing their reliance on more rich and varied datasets to manage and operate their businesses. Insurance companies are no strangers to managing data and computer systems and some of the first computers were installed at banks and insurance companies to automate their processes. Over time massive investments…
27 Mar 2018 43 min

ASSA RMC/FSB Reportback Sessional Meeting 14 March 2018

The sessional meeting will provide feedback from the FSB. Discussion will include various industry statistics, the status with regard to Twin Peaks, the importance of TCF and the latest FSB Appeal Board rulings.
15 Mar 2018 44 min

Market Conduct Sessional Meeting

You may have been accustomed to “Treating Customers Fairly” (TCF). Recently, Council has agreed to replace the TCF Committee with the “Market Conduct Committee”. The focus of the Committee is to actively support the development and thought leadership of actuarial practice in the context of market conduct through the development…
22 Feb 2018 1 hr 24 min

Short Term Insurance Sessional Meeting

This channel contains recordings from sessional meetings as well as podcasts and other audio material of value to actuaries and actuarial students in South Africa.
10 Nov 2016 33 min

Preparing for the Exam Rock : Dave Strugnell

So how does one cope with this? How does one structure a sensible approach to the remaining exams? How does one make sure those hours spent studying really count in the end? At the request of the ASSA Academy, Dave Strugnell will address these questions, and some recent qualifiers will…
30 Aug 2016 1 hr 18 min

Converting a DC pension pot into a retirement income stream: Dr David Knox

Traditionally DB schemes provided pensions (sometimes indexed) and retirees had little to worry about, provided the scheme was well funded or the employer was able to maintain long term support. However, as pension scheme design is now changing around the world with the growth of DC arrangements, many retirees face…
20 Jul 2016 1 hr 08 min

The Life Assurance Committee - Francesco Nagari

The Life Assurance Committee: Sessional meeting where Francesco Nagari provides an update on the IASB Staff’s progress in drafting of the new standard (likely to be named IFRS17) and the likely next steps and timing from here. He also talks about some of the more recent conceptual developments since the…
23 Jun 2016 1 hr 08 min

The Taxation Laws Amendment Bill, 2015 (“TLAB 2015”)

The Taxation Laws Amendment Bill, 2015 (“TLAB 2015”) was passed by the National Assembly on the 27 November 2015 and then later passed by the National Council of Provinces on 1 December 2015. The TLAB 2015 has been proclaimed in the Government Gazette on 8 January 2016 and is now…
28 Jan 2016 1 hr 22 min

Data Science / Business Intelligence Sessional Meeting: Part 2

The Wider Fields Practice Area is intended to cover new and emerging fields of practice where actuaries through their particular skill-set and/or experience could play a leading role. The Wider Fields Practice Area Committee seeks to both recognize and promote awareness of the existence of such practice areas among members…
9 Nov 2015 22 min
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