Beyond Ears and Eyes

77 EPISODES | CLIFFCENTRAL.COM |  Podcast, ±46 min episode every 1 week
A show that features the weird and wonderful world of beliefs and the unseen forces that shape our lives. Presented by Shemane Harris and Liezl Thom, Beyond Ears and Eyes seek to explore the intersection between body, mind and spirit.

Building Africa with Love

87 EPISODES | CHANNEL AFRICA |  Podcast, ±40 min episode every 1 week
This is a 50/50 music and talk show that is designed to revive Africa through its music and wisdom by its own children. It is an exciting way of borrowing teachings from our great past in order to understand the present and plan the future.
We will update you on the most important happenings in the continent and its diaspora, bring you
guests from across the continent and trivia and quiz about our Motherland. The show will only play music from the African continent and promote love among Africans; from families to towns and towns to nations and from nations to the rest of the continent. The conceptual framework of which the show is based is known as social reconstructivism. It is a philosophical theory which proposes that society be transformed by addressing social problems experienced using love as its canvas.

Deon en Karin du Toit

20 EPISODES | HUWELIKSFOKUS/MARRIAGE FOCUS |  Podcast, ±11 min episode every day
Relationship coaching / Life coaching / Inner healing / Communication / Self awareness / Spiritual laws / Neuro linguistic programming / Emotional intelligence / Your identity / Your strengths / Your personality/ Love languages/
Conflict styles / spiritual gifts

Early Morning with Sotho Meyer

27 EPISODES | KAYA 959 |  Podcast, ±9 min episode every 1 week, 6 days
Afropolitan listeners face a range of challenges that could make confronting each day difficult. Early Mornings with Sotho Meyer ensures that you start your day on an inspired note. The show plays a range of uplifting spiritual music to get you ready for whatever may lie ahead. Join Sotho Meyer every Monday – Friday from 05h00 – 06h00 as she gives you the start to your day that you need.

Evolve With Mela

This is an episode where I was conversing with a 26 year young man Andile Mpanza, who chose to live his life positively with purpose, regardless of the fact that he only find out at the age of 18 years that the man who raised him from birth, is actually not his biological father. We are finding out if meeting his biological father had any impact in his well- being.

God's Idea

God’s idea is a space in which we discuss often misunderstood scriptures, concepts and ideals. Questions that a lot of Christians have never really asked or do not have answers to.
We want to address the greatest enemy of the church in the 21st centurion, the spirit of deception.

God’s idea is how we clear the air, correct our culture and fix our way of thinking so we can align ourselves to the mind of God.

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