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This unique show is both inspirational and dynamic. While Lwando and Wandile have a great sense of humour, he also has much wisdom to share based on what the Bible says and personal experiences.
Have a problem with understanding the Bible or what certain verses are saying?
Our Intensity presenters explain things in the most intriguing and simple way that makes it easy for you to understand.

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Prayer Is The Place To Live In

How do you live in prayer?
Lwando and Wandile will keep you on the edge of your seat as they talk about the key to successful and impactful prayers.
Discover the beauty of prayer and how incredible prayer actually is.

Maxi Fat In The Spiritual

How much of the word do you have in you and how do you think you look in the spiritual world?
Find out how you can access the great, supernatural power God intends for you to have.

The Power Of Your Strength

How strong are you spiritually and physically?
How easily do you fall apart?
Lwando and Wandile focus on a book in Mark where it speaks about what happened after Jesus had died.
They teach about receiving a power that takes you to a new level in life, based on this story.

Are You Stupid Or A Fool?

So how do you ensure you are never deceived, believing lies?
Lwando and Wandile explore the great power of our words and falling for the wrong words...
Find out what can make a person worse than a fool?

Will You Be?

Wandile and Lwando talk about patience on this show.
How is it possible to be patient when you are under a lot of pressure or when someone is messing you around?
In between adding some great humor and powerful personal experiences, our presenters explain how we can develop our patience.

What You Searching For

Feeling empty or feeling like something is missing?
Lwando and Wandile discuss what we, as human beings, are really searching for in life.

This Is What You Don't Have...

Is there something you never knew you did't have?
Lwando and Wandile share some personal testimonies and realizations they've received through reading the Bible that will definitely help you too!
Discover what you don't have now ... and learn how you can obtain it.

The Best Thing A Kid Can Do?

What is the best thing a kid can do?
Lwando and Wandile discuss how a child should handle a situation where they believe their parents were wrong or were making a mistake?
What are the responsibilities of a child?

Who Should I Marry?

Lwando and Wandile continue their discussion from last week about deciding on a future spouse.
The question still remains - who is choosing your partner?
The future spouse we choose will be inspired by someone's opinion, with that said - are you listening to the correct advice?

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