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Am I Perfect?

A lot of people say things like they are a mistake. Maybe you are even one of those people... Today Lwando and Wandile prove why it's not possible for you to be a mistake. Discover the secret to living a life of perfection.

What Does Your Character Look Like?

Everyone has something that they need to improve about their character, but it can also be extremely difficult trying to change bad habits. On today's show, discover how you can make your character flawless! And learn what it really means to have character.

Get Over it

Have you ever wondered how you can rise up from a broken state and get to the point where you are living a life that has meaning? Discover how to get over past disappointments, rejection and pain with Lwando and Wandile today.

Are You Lost?

Have you ever wondered if you are making the right decisions or if you are in the right place? Ever asked yourself why certain things are happening to you? On today's show Wandile and Lwando talk about knowing which decisions are the right decisions and which path is the right path to take.

Are You Complete?

Another session with our brilliant presenters talking about what it means to be complete. How do you become complete and satisfied? Tune in to find out if you are really complete.

Look Up

So how do you know if your relationship with Jesus is genuine? Discover the amazing truth of how to go deeper with Jesus. Find out why life becomes unbearable without Jesus.

3 Things Will Last Forever

Lwando and Wandile talk about the 3 things that will last forever. So what is the greatest thing we need in our lives? What is the point of our lives? What are we living for? Are we wasting our time? If you don't have these three things, your life will be empty and powerless and you will be wasting your life away. How do you get these things and, as a result, live a meaningful life?

How To Connect With God?

How do we connect with God and hear from Him? How do we have a real relationship with Him? Experience the most amazing and satisfying relationship today.

Singleness, Dating And Marriage

Lwando and Wandile discuss the importance of having a relationship with God. They also talk about being single and what the point of dating is. In order to get dating right, we need to have the ability to focus. So how do you remain focused at all times?

The Value Of His Blood

Our presenters share some of their funniest and best new years resolutions they stuck to in 2017. Today Lwando and Wandile discuss the blood of Jesus and why it is so powerful in our lives. It is our greatest weapon and the key to our freedom. Discover why His blood is so precious and how we can access His blood.

New Year, New Mind

We are preparing for the new year, and as we prepare the question is - How is your relationship with God? Lwando and Wandile talk about having a relationship with God that is real. Listen to this show today and enter the new year with a fresh, renewed mind - not feeling empty or disappointed. Get your life and your priorities right for the new year today.

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