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African Music Activists

Podcast · International Library of African Music
Meet some of Southern Africa's most talented musicians. Discover their stories and hear their work. But this podcast is about more than that. Each artist is also passionate about keeping traditional African music alive, evolving and, above all, heard. Each one is an African Music Activist.
9 Jun 2021 6 episodes English Music · Performing Arts

African Story Magic with Gcina Mhlophe

Podcast · East Coast Radio Podcasts
Step into the wonderful world of African storytelling with the globally renowned Gcina Mhlophe. In "African Story Magic with Gcina Mhlophe", Gcina shares many of the tales you grew up with, plus new stories so we can keep the magic of African storytelling alive for new generations. Listen in English…
17 May 13 episodes English Books · Performing Arts

AfroLoops: discovering the instruments of Africa

Series · International Library of African Music
In AfroLoops: Discovering the instruments of Africa, we introduce you to some of the continent's best-loved instruments - how they're made and played, how they sound and a bit about their history. So - if you don't know your marimba from your mbira, this podcast is for you.
4 Oct 2019 7 episodes English Performing Arts · Education

All About Theatre with Montecasino

Podcast ·
Meet the cast and crew from the various shows happening every month at Montecasino… from classics and drama to comedy shows and musicals – The unView showcases the variety of entertainment and talented artists that we can see on stage all year round.
25 Apr 2019 4 episodes English Performing Arts · Comedy

Arts & Culture

Podcast · Voice of America
The latest news about movies, theater, music and art.
13 Sep 2021 292 episodes English Society & Culture · Performing Arts

Audiobook Narrators from Vox - find your voice #BeHeard

Podcast · Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard
Are you looking for the perfect voice to narrate your next Audiobook? Your search is over! Our selection of voices deliver professional readings for every kind of book you can imagine. To be understood, you must first be heard. another Solid Gold podcast #BeHeard
19 Sep 25 episodes English Books · Performing Arts

Bina, the dance in Africa podcast

Series · Shwalane: On Dance
A deep dive into dance in Africa, past and present, for the culturally curious! A new show to celebrate dance through conversations with dancers, choreographers, teachers, musicians, technicians, writers, photographers, scholars, and more from all over the African region and across generations.
7 Jun 2021 4 episodes English Performing Arts · Society & Culture

Border Crossings TV

Podcast · Voice of America
Border Crossings is the Voice of Americas perennial music program on the air since 1996. Border Crossings made its TV debut in 2012 and continues to attract viewers around the world. Some of the biggest names in music such as Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Adele, Katy Perry, Enrique Iglesias, Lady…
2 Sep 2021 66 episodes English Society & Culture · Performing Arts

BrandStudio24 | Be Brave Mzansi Song

Podcast · Media24
It's time for all South African residents young and old to share in the joy as we embark on the journey to rebuild. For some, it will be a dance of remembrance, a dance of survival for others and a dance of hope for many – but a dance of…
6 Sep 2021 1 episodes English Performing Arts

CHAVAL COMMS RADIO - The Radio that comes to you!

Podcast · Chaval Comms Radio
Chaval Comms Radio is a South African commercial radio station based in Gauteng established in 2016 by its owner Chaval Investment Holdings. Chaval Comms Radio is the soundtrack of life. It is the radio that comes to you. It gets to the heart of the issues that affect you. It…
15 Jun 2022 6PM 6 episodes English Music Interviews · Performing Arts

Centre Stage

Series · Centre Stage
Centre Stage is a podcast that spotlights talented and diverse South African dancers, getting to know them both onstage and off. This podcast is part of the broader Dance Donation initiative, a South African non-profit organisation that supports dancers in disadvantaged communities through the collection and distribution of previously-loved dance…
9 Nov 2020 5 episodes English Performing Arts · Non-Profit

Classical Music Decoded

Podcast · Deano Maduramuthu
If you like - or are curious about - classical music but find it a little perplexing, then this podcast is for you. It's an appreciative journey through popular works of classical music; explaining the context in which the music was composed, the main musical themes and the demands placed…
28 Aug 13 episodes English Music Commentary · Performing Arts

Inside Wants Out

Podcast · Tinzwe Media
In Africa, indigenous names or surnames are richly labored with meaning, identity, origin and stories that are passed on from one generation to the next. In celebration of African identity and indigenous or mother tongue languages, Tinzwe Media is proud to launch its latest offering – Inside Wants Out –…
18 Dec 2020 9AM 10 episodes English Performing Arts · Personal Journals

OFM Artbeat (Kunsteklop)

Podcast · OFM
Stay up to date with the latest developments in the creative industries, as featured on Mid-Morning Magic.
3 Oct 220 episodes English Performing Arts · Visual Arts

PUKfm by Aardklop Nasionale Kunstefees 2018

Podcast · PUKfm 93.6
Die PUKfm span pak elke jaar die Aardklop Nasionale Kunstefees en fees na #Hartelus. In 2018, was dit groter en beter, van 30 Seconds toernooie en onpaar skoene, to t by leer om toe bene te sit, luister na die beste oomblikke van die week!
4 Oct 2018 11 episodes Afrikaans Performing Arts · Music

Podcast Hosts from Vox - find your voice #BeHeard

Podcast · Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard
Are you looking for the perfect host for your next podcast? Your search is over! Our selection of voices deliver professional performances for every kind of interview, performance, or conversation you can imagine. To be understood, you must first be heard.
19 Sep 17 episodes English Performing Arts · Marketing

Shotgun Story

Podcast · Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard
Welcome to Shotgun Story The podcast that has conversations with Indie creators about music, meaning and the point of it all, so that you may be inspired by the journeys of other artists who are doing it for themselves and maybe gain a little more understanding as to why it…
28 Aug 56 episodes English Explicit Music Interviews · Performing Arts

Solid Gold Audio Drama | Theatre of the Mind

Podcast · Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard
Welcome to our Theatre of the Mind. Q: What is an audio drama? A: An audio drama is a dramatized, purely acoustic performance. You may have encountered these under several other names such as radio drama, audio play, radio play, radio theatre, or audio theatre. This is a collection of…
2 Oct 1 episodes English Drama · Performing Arts

Solid Gold Podcasts - Demos, Samples, Trailers and Others

Podcast · Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard
Welcome to a selection of Solid Gold Podcast Demos, Samples, and Trailers from our workshops, and a collection of other 'odd bin' podcasts.
24 Aug 24 episodes English Technology · Performing Arts

Special Broadcasts

Podcast · Classic 1027
This podcast page is for all special events held on Classic 1027
12 May 2021 2 episodes English Arts · Performing Arts
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