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Solid Gold Podcasts - Demos, Samples, Trailers and Others

Welcome to a selection of Solid Gold Podcast Demos, Samples, and Trailers from our workshops, and a collection of other 'odd bin' podcasts.
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At a very young age, my family went through an incredibly traumatic experience. Not understanding the implications of that as a young child, this influenced many negative decisions in my life, leading to self-sabotage. After 30 years of repeating the same pattern, I decided to speak about it and get…
13 Nov 2023 1 min

Brand Boss

My grandfather owned a trading store in a small village in Newcastle where he sold a variety of products. I have fond memories of being awakened by Coca-Cola and Albany bread trucks delivering their products. I was about 8 years old and I was already very brand conscious. I can…
13 Nov 2023 1 min

Suwah Notes

I remember the first time I noticed that women get treated a little differently at work. I was six months pregnant and running out of breath to the office. Late, as usual. Visibly pregnant, I asked for a permission slip to park closer to the building. But I was told…
24 Aug 2023 1 min

The Laundromat with Dawn Pretorius

It was the Wolfsburg Questionnaire that did it. The Wolfsburg Questionnaire is a list of some 150 questions sent by one bank to another on their initiatives to curb money laundering. Technically, it is supposed to reveal just how compliant the financial institution is that you're working for. But that…
27 Jul 2023 1 min

Rediscovered with Kelly Hoffman

She was eight years old, the phone rang. The news broke, so did she. Her idol, her everything, her father - just died. She watched her mom collapse from sheer shock. Overwhelmed by emotions far greater and bigger than her, she stepped outside. Not a tear. She didn't know how…
27 Jul 2023 1 min

The Louw Flyer

They say once a horse breathes on your soul, your life is changed forever. I don't remember the first time a horse breathed on me, but I do remember the magic and the absolute conviction that something I could not live without. It is something I've been in pursuit of…
13 Jul 2023 1 min

The Grand Café

I remember my grandmother taking me to town with her. We would have lunch together at a posh restaurant called the Grand Café. We would sit by the booth which had the most sun, so it was always warm. We chatted for long, laughed a lot, and she listened with…
13 Jul 2023 1 min

The Mantis Monolgues with Kerry Simpson

When I discovered writing and storytelling for the first time, I was around 10 years old when my mom brought out my gran's big old green typewriter. You know the one with those big, heavy, clanky keys that you really had to hammer down hard on? And I remember feeling…
13 Jul 2023 1 min

Over the Top with Discover Digital

I was in London in 2003, attending a mobile gaming conference. At the time I was working for a new international motorsport championship, and I believed it may be an opportunity to have a mobile racing game. Bearing in mind, this was still during the feature phone era, smartphones were…
13 Jul 2023 1 min

The Man Cave with Tsholo Phiri

My name is Tsholo. I'm always having conversations with my brothers aka friends on our WhatsApp group. And with every check-in, it ends up being a competition of who consumed the best, most expensive alcohol in copious amounts, or which brother got to the hottest chick over the weekend. Mind…
13 Jul 2023 1 min

The eight-twelve with Nairobi Twala

Hi, I'm Nairobi Twala. Throughout my childhood, I've always been constantly aware of the world around me, constantly being exposed to the stories of those who came before me and aspire to cultivate change as a result of the lessons learned from those stories. From freedom fighters to media personalities,…
13 Jul 2023 1 min

The Ocean of Awareness with Lucy Draper-Clarke

I remember my early years in Sri Lanka, where the serene footsteps of Buddhist monks contrasted with the hooting and chaos of daily life. After 20 years in the UK, I chose to live in Southern Africa, and it was there, on the cow dung floor in the Marico, that…
20 Jun 2023 1 min

I See You with Shado Twala

It was in the late 1970s when the Johannesburg city streets were taken over by panga-wielding men who were killing anyone in their path. This was my first experience of black-on-black violence. It shook me to my core, and left me feeling a need for us to rekindle the spirit…
1 Jun 2023 1 min

Seeds of Change with Precious Nala

I remember when I was young and my father had been hospitalized for a year, leaving my family vulnerable with no money. He said to me, "To ever be successful, put people first". My family foundation was built on putting people first and that shaped my values. I now have…
1 Jun 2023 1 min

The Ruck with Makaziwe Hlatshwayo

I remember watching Brian Habana score the winning try in the 2007 Super Rugby final in a season where a lucky try changed the history of South African rugby forever. The excitement that came over me sparked a lifelong love that I enjoy sharing with friends, family, and fellow enthusiasts…
1 Jun 2023 1 min

Survival Guide to South Africa with Tannie Viv

For as long as I can remember, life in South Africa has been diabolical, magnificent, but chaotic, broken, but beautiful. What a wonderful fuckup. Welcome to Tannie Viv's Survival Guide to South Africa. The podcast that speaks to expats abroad and those who cannot leave about surviving a changing landscape…
21 Apr 2023 1 min

Russia and the Geostrategic Space

Mark Sonik and William Ofosu discuss the geostrategic space in light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Consilium is an authorised and reputable broad-based financial services provider with a recorded history of success. Our reputation in the market is supported by our solid track record, pro-active nature, vast experience and collective…
22 Mar 2022 35 min

Spudcaster Interview

Listen in as Spudcaster's Candice Nolan chats to Solid Gold Podcasts' CEO, Gavin Kennedy, about, well... podcasting :-) #BeHeard
17 Jun 2021 21 min

The Limelight with Layyah Rasdien

In this episode, Layyah chats to Joey Rasdien (aka "dad") about his journey to becomming a comedian and what we can learn from that and apply to our own lives.
21 Apr 2021 5 min
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