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Money and Success

In this episode, we're talking about money and success, something we all aspire to but something that is often the downfall of many.
Henry Ford once remarked “Money doesn’t change a person, it merely unmasks them.
If a person is naturally selfish, arrogant or greedy, the money brings that out, that’s all.”
Today more than ever we are surrounded by people who have the trappings of success, and you need not look any further than our political elite who have lost touch with their people in pursuit of absolute wealth.
Our roads are full of expensive cars and our malls have become the window to our aspirations, yet the wealth and success that has been created are often at the expense of others, and at the expense of our societal values.
So the question is, can you have both money and success?

Money and Friendships

In this episode we're talking about Money and Friendships, the two often being described as oil and water, in that they simply do not mix well.
We all have that friend who is either always asking for a loan, in debt, or very slow to bring out their wallet when you go out for drinks or dinner.
There is hardly a social circle that does not have this phenomenon, and the reality is that not only can this be a major strain on a friendship, but because this is your circle of influence, it's important to deal with the money and friendship issue decisively.
In this episode, we'll give you some much-needed perspective on the issue, and we're going to help you unpack the value of your friendships around money.
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Money and Parenting

In a recent survey of soon-to-be parents, 83% of respondents indicated that their two biggest fears around having kids was the health of their newborn child, and how they would afford the addition to the family. In fact, the overwhelming majority of people more concerned about the financial impact of having kids.
When it comes to the financial impact of having children many couples are now waiting till later in life to establish themselves financially before having children, with many couples completely put off the idea of having kids at all.
In this episode we want to give you a different perspective on raising children, and why it need not be as expensive as you might expect. We’ll also provide some tips on how to manage your finances around having children.
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Teaching Kids Money

In this episode, we are talking about teaching kids about money. Every parent undoubtedly wants the best for their kids, and most parents are committed to teaching their children about money, however, it's often the lessons we don't intend to impart with our kids that have the biggest impact on them. Children learn far more from the things we do than the things we say, but often the things we say in passing are also the lessons that stick.
In this episode, we want to encourage you to become an active participant in your child's financial future.

Living to 100

With life expectancy on the rise thanks to better health care, disease control and less physically demanding jobs, most people now face the prospect of living longer. In this episode we are talking about living a long life, and how to plan for this financially.
The problem is that whilst life expectancy is on the rise, financial planning around extended life expectancy has not quite caught up, and it is expected that in the next 50 years fewer and fewer pension plans will be able to support the ageing populations of the world, and so now more than ever it has become essential to create a financial plan that could support you living to a 100 and beyond.
Join us for this episode as we discuss how to create a retirement plan that will outlive you and continue to provide returns f or your family long after you are gone.

Planning to die

In this episode, we are talking about death and planning to die, but unlike traditional estate planning today we are talking about creating a death file.
Nobody really likes to talk about death, but the fact is none of us is going to escape it, so we may as well plan for it.
Unlike traditional estate planning which involves creating a will, possibly setting up a family trust and ensuring you nominate an executor for your estate, today we look at an additional element to make the transition of your death a little bit easier for your friends and family.
Take a listen as we explain what a death file is, and why you need it.
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Marriage or Money?

In this episode, we are talking about marriage and money - an often hotly debated topic that can certainly ruffle a few feathers.
Marriage and money can often be like oil and water and in this episode, we are going to unpack what it takes to have a successful marriage around money or the lack thereof. Be warned though, this episode is certain to get some people very hot under the collar as we cut through some deep emotional issues and confront modern-day marriage and
the issues related to money that are often at the heart of many marital issues. Not for the faint-hearted.
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Retire Rich and Happy

In this episode, we are talking about retirement and specifically how to retire rich and happy. In the "old days", most people considered retirement a destination you reached at the end of your working life, and for most people, this has always been somewhere between the ages of 55 and 65, but things have changed a lot in the last 3 decades. Now more than ever people are retiring early, by saving and investing aggressively to
obtain financial freedom and choosing to spend less time working and more time pursuing hobbies and passion projects in their old age.
In this episode, we are going to unpack how you can retire rich and happy.
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Retirement Plan Killer

In this episode, we are talking about retirement planning. It's not a sexy subject and it certainly is not the most popular subject, but that's exactly why you need to listen and pay close attention to this episode. Retirement planning is something that most people put off way into their thirties and by the time they realise they need to plan for retirement it often requires such drastic lifestyle changes that most people simply continue to ignore the disaster ahead. With our increase in life expectancy, it is anticipated that most people will live close to 90 and if you factor in that most people will retire at around age 65, that means you have 25 years of living expenses you need to make provision for from your earnings today. This coupled with the fact that a recent survey of first world countries and their pension schemes anticipates that pension funds will only be able to support 45% of retirees in the next 50 years, so the question is what can you do to make sure you have a secure financial retirement plan.
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Health or Money?

What do you value more: money or your health? In this episode of The Money Podcast, Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester talk about your financial health and your physical health and how these two opposing forces can work against each other. The Dalai Lama was once asked what surprised him most about humanity, and he answered "Man! Because man sacrifices his health in order to make money, and then has to sacrifice his money to recuperate his health."

In this episode, Justin and Dawie talk about the push and pull between health and wealth and help you make sense of life and the balance between health and money.
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Money and Influence

In this episode we are talking about money and influence, more specifically your own circle of influence and how this can impact your financial future.
We often hear phrases like “poverty is a mindset” but what does it really mean? Can your friends and family actually make you poor, and are the people you associate with really an influence in your success or failure financially?
In this episode, we answer the questions around money and influence and help you make some life-changing decisions around your circle of influence.
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The Billionaire Mindset

In this episode of The Money Podcast, we are talking about the billionaire mindset, and specifically, the beliefs and actions that have made ordinary people become extraordinary when it comes to their financial success.
Both Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester are big believers in the billionaire mindset and following this mindset up with action. In this episode, they go into detail on how you can create and foster the billionaire mindset and provide actionable tips you can start following today to create success in your own life.
So if you want to be great, have more success and achieve more, then this episode is bound to ignite your passion to succeed.
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