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#026 But Baby, it’s Cold Outside…

And inside too! But we’ll warm you up

The coldest winter in years, and hopefully the Goldest Olympic Games!

And it’s wild that the wildflowers have started in Namaqualand already…

What’s the Hot news abounding on Well, listen here and get the latest good news and news of and from Saffers abroad from Jenni in Antibes and Melle in JoFreezingBurg.

#025 Good News Defined

Saffers Coming Together Around the World..

Considering the torrid time (not in terms of temperature, as it's getting pretty cold out here!) that SA has been through recently, Jenni Baxter of has been on a mission to find the heart-warming stories that have kept us going here at home, and abroad.

We are renowned for pulling together when times get tough. From store owners to people playing piano in an area of devastation, to Gift of the Givers and Chefs with Compassion making sure staples got to those who needed them, the videos that made us laugh - and cry - and debunking the myths and discussing anomalies like breastfeeding! - Come feel good with Jenni and Melle....
Make a Difference - help Gift of the Givers to help others

#024 Blurred Lines

Making sense of the Senseless

In a week of uncertainty and a bit of Madness, Jenni Baxter, sitting in the film festival town on the South of France clues us in on the good stuff that Saffers home and abroad bring to the SA People party.

Get out of the siege mentality and get with the programme!

#023 Did You Get The Memo?

Action Vaccination Stations! When it's Not So Bad Being over 50!

The Western Cape is leading the way - again! There're sporting notables aplenty, Chakalaka Food Trucks, Romany Cream Dreams, Pilots (and hosties) behaving badly and full frontal frighteningness on the small screen! Jenni Baxter is heading into Cannes for the Film Festival, while local Saffers are making a bee-line for vaccination stations across the country. For the fun - and mostly good - news, head to and check out the latest hits and misses on FB.

#022 Here's Something to Chow Down on!

Of Sentencing, Lekker new words,& World Bunny Chow Day

We're shooting for the stars this week on, bringing you all the warm fluffy feel-goods in a tempestuous time of niggles and troubles. Warm the cockles of your heart with good news from expats and locals, courtesy of the brains behind the stories, Jenni Baxter in Antibes, and Melanie Walker, the shivery blonde in Johannesburg!
Take care out there - stay home, and stay safe!

#021 It’s all Downhill from Here!

Of Winter Soltices, disappearing babies, the Coolest streets in the world, mega-diamonds and the precious stars of the sports world, Jenni and Melanie find out what’s catching expats and local Saffers attention.

#020 Level Leventy Leven!

Of Third Waves, Lockdown Levels, and Baboons on your Palms.

Youth day and Zoomers, missing Decuplets, One Pound Fish Man, Diamond rushes in Ladysmith, Algoa Bay heritage site, Penguin Town and Baboons in the western Cape - It may seem like it's a zoo here in SA, but rugby and a sense of humour will hold us all together!

#019 Hadeda on a Cold Tin Roof

Of Decuplets, Penguins, Kitties and Wysing Vleis

From multiples of note, to musicals of note - SA brings expats and locals alike great news from the world of Saffers.

Architecture, hit songs, 10 babies to one mother, blue diamonds and who can fly where - you'll find it all on our site and the chat with Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker.

With guest appearance by backyard Hadeda!

#018 Level 2's in all their Glory

Family Meetings and Cold Weather....

Latest Family Meeting takes us to Level 2, and the snow causing cold snaps takes us to Level 2 loadshedding. Ndlovu Youth Choir, Agulugulug Cat, SA art, and Rachel Kolisi bring the warmth though.

#017 We're All Proud to be African!

SA Goes Viral - in a good way!

With our continent having celebrated Africa day this week, we check out what makes SA Great. Bucket Lists, Musos, Princesses, Rhinos, weird cats and Gem Squash, find out what's making great news in the Ex-Pat fraternity.

#016 Cat Got Your Tongue?

The Kiffness and other lekker stuff

The Prez in France, Ex-Pats doing good by their home country - and people, Miss Universe - SA's Zozi - hands over her tiara, How to be a lekker ou when dealing with Embassies, and move over Hadedas, the Alugulug cat song!
Watch the Hadeda song

#015 Dual Citizens of the World Unite!

Keeping you up to date with your status

With the DA fighting for the citizen rights of our country's people, SA people all over the world are bringing us good news! Elon Musk on Saturday Night live, How to have a holiday while trying to get home, Brexit messing with Mrs Balls and Don't go Out in Croatia wearing a Faf Speedo!
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