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The world is full of blurry grey areas where things are not always what they seem. Life is not clear-cut. Life cannot be neatly packaged and squeezed into a box. Life is cacophony. It is contradictory, paradoxical and, sometimes, downright confusing. And that’s what makes it beautiful – the questions, the journey to understanding and finding answers that make sense to us.

Life With Kojo Baffoe reflects all of the above and more. It navigates the nooks and crannies of every aspect of life from the frivolous to the serious. It is a manifestation of the random things that go through Kojo Baffoe’s mind and the people and stories behind those thoughts. It is about being naturally curious, engaged and interested.

Life With Kojo Baffoe is conversations, and laughter, and sadness, and construction, and joy, and pain, and hope, and an overwhelmingly optimistic view of the future. It is the balance between past and present.

It is a talk show. It is a video series. It is a podcast. It is stories told across platforms because we cannot be boxed anymore.

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Life with Kojo Baffoe | Kojo Talks To Siya Masuku, Luke Molver and Dr Nomalanga Mkhize about S.A Illustrated books

Kojo delves deep into the contemporary world of illustrated books, comic books and graphic novels in these conversations with Dr Nomalanga Mkhize, Siya Masuka and Luke Molver.

In these conversations Kojo explores African History and illustrated books with Dr Nomalanga Mkhize; Indigenous language comics with Siya Masuku and the semi fictionalization of Shaka's Legacy with Luke Molver.

Life With Kojo Baffoe | Ntsiki Mkhize on Mentorship

Ntsiki Mkhize is an accomplished Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, MC, Facilitator, Change Agent and Author.

She had an engaging conversation with Kojo Baffoe about Mentorship and Mentoring. A subject she wrote about in her latest book titled - My Hall of Mentors: Lessons learned along a journey of success.

In the conversation Ntsiki shares her experiences and lessons on the subject passionately and openly.

Life with Kojo Baffoe | Donovan Goliath & Tebello Tibz Motsoane Talk Redefining Yourself

In this episode of Life With Kojo Baffoe, Kojo Baffoe was in conversation with Donovan Goliath and Tebello "Tibz" Motsoane about redefining oneself.

The three men explore The Evolution of Personal and Brand Identities, with the core of this conversation being the fluidity of their lived experiences and the the evolution of their respective identities over the years.

Donovan Goliath is known as a comedian today but over the years he has been known as a Rapper, a Visual Artist and even an Art Director in the advertising industry.

Tebello 'Tibz' Motsoane who is called chef these days, however he has worked as a Club Promoter, Artist Manager and at some point he was an aspiring basketball player.

Kojo himself is no stranger to redefining himself and this makes him the perfect facilitator for this conversation. He is a serial entrepreneur, having worked in industries as varied as hair care and technology to becoming a writer and poet, he has worked in the film industry, print media and radio.

Life with kojo Baffoe | Celebrating Johnny Clegg

Jonathan Paul Clegg, OBE, OIS was a South African musician and anthropologist. His band Juluka began as a duo with Sipho Mchunu, and was the first group in the South African apartheid-era with a white man and a black man. They recorded and performed, later in larger formation.

Life with Kojo Baffoe | Artist focus | Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, is an American singer and songwriter, who embarked on her music career contributing vocals and appearing in several music videos for R&B group B2K. At the time, she was known as B2K member Lil' Fizz's "cousin", though she is not actually related to him.

Life With Kojo Baffoe | Efemia Chela

Efemia Chela is a Zambian-Ghanaian writer, literary critic, and editor. Chicken, her first published story, was shortlisted for the 2014 Caine Prize For African Writing. Chela has had short stories and poems published in New Internationalist, Wasafiri, TOKEN and PEN Passages: Africa.

Life With Kojo Baffoe | TAHIR JAOUI & Michel Casavecchia of D'usse Cognac

D’USSÉ® Cognac is masterfully crafted at the prestigious Château de Cognac, one of the oldest cognac houses in France. It has a 200-year legacy in blending some of the world’s finest spirits. The Château’s proximity to the River Charente results in two climates within its walls: a humid cellar that results in fruity, floral notes, and a dry cellar that brings out the woody, spicy flavors of the cognac. Blending the two eaux-de-vie results in the boldness of character in D’USSÉ® Cognac.

Life With Kojo Baffoe | Shiva Amiri | Playground (Workplace Strategy

Shiva Amri founder of Playground chats to Kojo about workplace strategy and change management. Playground supports clients through different phases according to where they are and where they want to be in the near or far future.

“Change” – this is about workplace strategy; creating spaces that are conducive to the wellbeing of employees and adopting new ways of work, as well as implementing the change management process so that people don’t revert back to the old ways.

“Shift” – this is about enhancing people’s interaction and awareness at workplace in order to achieve higher resilience and coherence leading to creation of a human centred workplace.

“Evolve” – This is about rewriting the future of work.

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