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To celebrate what would’ve been Nelson Mandelas 100th birthday, Hot Cares is taking Madibas birthday month to touch one hundred lives in our community. Nominate some-one you know needs a helping hand to help themselves and those around them by emailing by the end of June and tell us how we can make a meaningful difference.

One hundred years of Madiba Magic - One hundred lives changed.

Hot Cares - Making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us.

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32 year-old Natalie was nominated by her father Graham.

Natalie has recently and suddenly become a widow, losing her husband.He was admitted to the hospital for a severe stomach bug before his untimely death, with the funeral taking place on Wednesday.

Natalie is a stay at home mom, taking care of her 2 year old and 4 year old daughters. Her oldest daughter is suspected of having autism, but this needs to be confirmed by a specialist.

Their dad, Chris, was the sole breadwinner earning just under R6000 per month,working for a small business. A close knit family, they managed to get by on his earnings.

To ease the heartache of being without their beloved husband and father, and to help Natalie during this difficult time, the team at Hot Cares decided to assist by matching Chris's salary for 3 months. Hot Cares will also be contributing R 10 000 towards medical expenses to run a series of test to confirm a diagnosis for her 4 year old daughter.


Nadia nominated Emily, a sweet and humble retired lady, who used to be the cleaning lady at the company where Nadia worked. Emily and her daughter, Dudu, had applied for a house in 1994 which they finally received 15 years later.

They were ecstatic after having waited so long to finally have a house they could call their own. Last year Nadia surprised Emily on her 70th birthday with a new lounge suite. The look on her face was priceless when they delivered it to her house.

Emily shares her home with her daughter Dudu, but times have been hard, especially since Dudu only obtained employment very recently after looking for work for 9 months, enabling them to get back on their feet.

Nadia has requested for Hot Cares to help build a brick wall at the back of their stand. This would complete the boundary wall around their house and would improve security for them.

Hot Cares will be assisting with building material for the back wall to ensure their boundary is safe and secure, the value of this is estimated at R 4000.


Jacqui lived a normal life as a mom of two young children and a wife to her darling husband John, but nothing could’ve prepared her for the fate that would unfold on the 6th of April 2018 when her husband John suddenly passed away.

John worked at Kings School West Rand. His two children attended the school that he worked at, so they had the pleasure of being with or near Dad all day. A fun-loving and hands-on father and husband, John was the one who would fix things around the home and maintain the pool.

Jacqui has experienced some difficult moments since John's passing, one of which involved the electric gate that wouldn’t open because of load-shedding. She broke down in frustration at herself for not having paid attention to how John did or fixed things. The other thing that Jacqui had no idea how to fix or maintain was the pool.

Understandably Jacqui and her children are broken, and life doesn’t seem fair at this time. To provide a modicum of comfort Hot Cares would like to show some love to the family of a man who routinely went over and above the call of duty for his pupils.

Hot Cares will pay for 6 months pool maintenance for Jacqui to the value of R 3600.


Carl 24 and Chantelle 26 are a young engaged couple who has fallen on hard times. Due to the economic situation and lack of jobs in Amanzimtoti they’ve had to leave the town and come to Johannesburg to look for work, and better opportunities.

Chantelle has matric and was an excellent worker, she worked for a small Chinese store from 7.30 till 7 at night for 7 days a week for R3, 500 p month... She would like to work in Randburg doing nails or anything.

They had to leave their 6 months old twins in Toti, her mother is taking care of them, and she is constantly in and out of hospital, it's been a frightening situation here, we all are helping with food and accommodation, they stay in a small room in the back yard this lovely young couple misses their kids terribly. Recently Carl was mugged after getting off a taxi and their only cellphone was stolen. All they need is a job, some winter clothes and to be united with their twins.


Hot Cares was recently contacted by 21 year old Tayla. Her family have recently gone through some hardships.

Four and a half years ago Tayla’s dad, Ivan, was diagnosed with a rare disease called Sarcoidosis (an auto immune disease where your immune system starts attacking your organs and other parts of your body)and since then his condition has deteriorated, resulting in him needing medical

Her mother had also required some medical treatment during this period. Her younger sister had a really bad Cheerleading accident last year, resulting in a really bad head injury and her having epilepsy.

Times have been tough for the family, and 2 weeks ago they suffered some serious tyre problems on 1 of their vehicles, in addition the brake pads on this car is worn out, making the car unsafe to drive.

This family have been through enough hardship to last them a life time, they are very deserving of a helping hand. Hot Cares will be assisting Tayla's family with a car service, including new tyres, as well as grocery and household supplies to the combined value of R 14 000.

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TOUCHING 100 LIVES - Living Link

"I Can Do Things You Cannot. You Can Do Things I Cannot. Together We Can Do Great Things." – Mother Teresa

Hot Cares got in touch with the Living Link earlier this month to see if they could get involved in treating some of our beneficiaries for the Touching 100 Lives. Established in 2000, the Living Link is a training centre for young adults between the ages of 18 – 35 who have learning challenges or an intellectual disability.

Intending to develop independent living skills and above all work readiness skills, the completion of the course is also an opportunity for these young adults to enter the open labour market.

On completion of the course, Living Link places these young adults into some form of open labour market employment where they can become people who can reach for their hopes and dreams and participate in the mainstream of society. The Living Link seeks to break down the barriers that exist for people living with disabilities in our society.

The Living Link is not about sadness and pity. We at Hot Cares admire that you are an organisation that is about hope and making a difference, but we realise that you too, as an NPO may need a helping hand.

The Parkhurst premises doesn’t have a secure, functional way to verify people before they enter the premises so Hot Cares will be supplying and installing Security cameras and a screen for their main gate to ensure se-curity for students, staff and village residents.

We also understand that the municipality doesn’t often come to tend to the overgrowth in your neighbouring spruit which also poses a security threat, so Hot Cares will also donate an industrial lawn mower to cut the grass at The Living Link Village for a total value of R20 000!

Hot Cares - Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.


At only 73 years old Leon has always been an active person, running his own business in carpentry and doing other odd jobs. He was an expert woodworker and someone who could fix anything. He was funny, outgoing and extremely helpful.

Two years back Leon was diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy); a rare condition whereby the nerve endings in the brain die and the body deteriorates in function.

Financially, it has been quite a struggle to get all the things he needs. Leon's family found him a second-hand wheelchair at a reasonable price and they’ve put handles in the shower; but things are happening slowly because they rely on a government pension, of which most goes to his medication at least R 1000 per month.

Right now, Leon’s specific need would be a LifeVac. It’s a suction-like device that fits over the mouth area and can extract any blockages in the throat that cause choking.

Hot Cares will be purchasing a LifeVac to assist Leon with choking on his saliva and will also help with medication for 3 months – total value R5000!

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Chris Sithole is a father of three who has worked as a senior installer at Green Sky Brand Architects for over ten years. Committed, hard-working and often working long hours and travelling for projects, Chris always delivers exceptional service to their clients. He goes over and above at work and is well respected by his colleagues.

That’s how he makes ends meet and provides for his family, but very few people know that his real passion lies in the paintbrush. With what little spare time he has, Lucy says, Chris paints the most magnificent works of art.

Read more about Chris' amazing talent:

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TOUCHING 100 LIVES . -Vuleka

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela.”

Initiated by Parishes within the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg, Vuleka was established in response to the growing crisis in education in the region.

Mr Majola, the Principal, met with Hot Cares to tell us about two very hard working young girls, brimming with potential at his school and nominated them for educational, financial assistance.

Blessing Kalenga is a Grade 1 pupil at Vuleka. Since her fathers passing, Blessing's mother does her best to bring in an income to support Blessing and her three siblings by making bags and selling them at flea markets The family sometimes receives support from St Marks Church.

A bright and eager pupil, Blessing is an enthusiastic and talented netball player too. Before the Vuleka sports day, Blessing approached the headmaster Mr Majola and asked for taxi money to attend the sports day, as she hadn’t any. Mr Majola and Mrs Naidoo, her class teacher, sponsored Blessing and her family to attend where Blessing scored about four goals.

Busi Cube is Grade 5 pupil whose sister also attends Vuleka School a grade above her. Vuyokazi, Busi’s mom, is a single parent who drives an old Corsa that she uses to transport three other children to get a small income to pay the fees. Vuyokazi has raised a beautiful, well mannered and diligent pupil in Busi who always smiles and is respected by her peers. Busi’s older sister was a top scholar in Grade 7 last year. Vuyokazi is blessed to have two very bright young girls.

However, in these trying times, Mr Majola says the parents of these two studious young girls aren’t able to keep up with the fees and would like to encourage these two students who show so much potential.

As is fitting of Mandela's beliefs regarding education as the foundation of a better generation, Hot Cares will pay the annual school fees for both Busi and Blessing to keep them on the right path. At R20 000 per child, Hot Cares wi


Audrey is a single mom with a mentally and physically challenged adult son who lives in Nooitgedacht.

Following her retrenchment, Audrey and her family endured some difficult months while Audrey was without a job; but she’s recently found work in the yard at Honeydew Build-it.

On 3 July, Audrey's daughter was killed when she was shot through her arm and stomach in an armed robbery.

In the midst of this devastating loss, the memorial has taken a while to arrange due to financial problems

Read Audrey's heart-wrenching story here:…/

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TOUCHING 100 LIVES - House of Compassion

Tammy Kissoon, recently started volunteering at the House of Compassion Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre. House of Compassion is an NPO offering rehabilitation programmes for alcoholics and drug addicts and has been running for 17 years.

The vision of being self-sustainable has always been a goal that the House of Compassion consistently works towards.

One of their projects is to develop a greenhouse on vacant land (which they already have), which would allow for growing vegetables for the centre as well as to sell to consumers together with plants and flowers.

The development of this harvest project will be beneficial in two ways: firstly as an income generator and to provide food for the residents, and secondly, it’ll serve as one of the rehabilitation programmes to incorporate essential learning elements.

Hot Cares is happy to help with the required gardening tools and building supplies necessary to complete this Harvest Project – total value R10 000.

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