12 Jul TOUCHING 100 LIVES - Christine

• Christine was nominated by Vanessa. Holding a big place in her heart, Vanessa says that Christine helped her raise her children and would love nothing more than to help Christine in her current situation.

• Though in her current financial state, Vanessa isn’t able to assist Christine at this time. That’s when she contact-ed Hot Cares.

• Christine is a widow and supports her two children as well as her parents on her salary.

• Her financial situation has become even more precari-ous with the discovery of her young daughter’s 35-week pregnancy. A daughter who is still dependant on Chris-tine.

• While the odds seem insurmountable, we’d like to en-courage Christine, and so Hot Cares will be purchasing a new cot and a R2000 Dischem voucher for Christine and her family.
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