Elvine Duplooy is a student at the Hot919FM Radio Academy.

During 2012 & 2014 she had two operations, and during the second one, Gynae discovered some damage making it hardly impossible to conceive. The saying "life begins at 40" was an understatement when Elvine found out she was pregnant.

Elvine has been unemployed for almost 3years and lost her house during this time and could no longer afford medical aid.

As a first time mother and with her medical history, Elvine is extremely stressed about the next few months and the health of her baby. After her first and only check up, she has been identified as high risk for certain conditions and would do anything to be able to do the necessary prenatal tests.

The medical tests are just over R12 000 with the specialist and the birth in a private hospital would be in the range of R45 000.

#HotCares will be covering the costs at Dr Nagar to the value of R11 000.

Including – Blood tests, Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing, as well as the Foetal Anomaly Scan with the specialist.

If you can help further send a mail to hotcares@hot919.co.za.
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