23 Jul TOUCHING 100 LIVES - Leon

At only 73 years old Leon has always been an active person, running his own business in carpentry and doing other odd jobs. He was an expert woodworker and someone who could fix anything. He was funny, outgoing and extremely helpful.

Two years back Leon was diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy); a rare condition whereby the nerve endings in the brain die and the body deteriorates in function.

Financially, it has been quite a struggle to get all the things he needs. Leon's family found him a second-hand wheelchair at a reasonable price and they’ve put handles in the shower; but things are happening slowly because they rely on a government pension, of which most goes to his medication at least R 1000 per month.

Right now, Leon’s specific need would be a LifeVac. It’s a suction-like device that fits over the mouth area and can extract any blockages in the throat that cause choking.

Hot Cares will be purchasing a LifeVac to assist Leon with choking on his saliva and will also help with medication for 3 months – total value R5000!

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