12 Jul TOUCHING 100 LIVES - Donald Moetsi

• Donald Moetsi (or Don Don, or Don Dash) as he is affectionately known by his colleagues, drives and facilitates projects for Add-X Marketing Solutions, and has been a loyal employee for the past decade.

• His colleague Alison nominated Don because they have a shared bond. Having a special needs child of her own, Alison knows the challenges that come with that and sent in a request to Hot Cares for assistance.

• Kagiso is Donalds 9yr old daughter who was diagnosed with Dandy-Walker Syndrome at birth. As part of her condition, she developed hy-drocephalus, (which is an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within the brain which causes increased pressure and size of the skull).

• Dandy-Walker Syndrome also affects brain development, primarily the part of the brain that co-ordinates movement among other things and as a result of her condition, Kagiso has global developmental delays. Physically she’s unable to stand or walk independently; she is also una-ble to support herself in an upright position.

• Hot Cares will be donating a side lyer positioning device designed to improve a child's postural alignment when spending time out of the wheelchair. It helps control severe muscle stiffness, spasms and uncon-trolled movements.

• It also allows for controlling the positions of the head to improve the child's ability to breath, swallow and socialise.

• Miriam, Kagiso's mum, struggles daily to get Kagiso around, and life would be much easier if she had her drivers license. She currently has her learners.

• In addition to a Domus 2 mattress which will assist Kagiso to get com-fortable sleep at night, Hot Cares will pay for driving lessons and license fee for Miriam to help with getting Kagiso around during the day. Total value – just over R17 000.
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