24 Jul TOUCHING 100 LIVES - Tayla

Hot Cares was recently contacted by 21 year old Tayla. Her family have recently gone through some hardships.

Four and a half years ago Tayla’s dad, Ivan, was diagnosed with a rare disease called Sarcoidosis (an auto immune disease where your immune system starts attacking your organs and other parts of your body)and since then his condition has deteriorated, resulting in him needing medical

Her mother had also required some medical treatment during this period. Her younger sister had a really bad Cheerleading accident last year, resulting in a really bad head injury and her having epilepsy.

Times have been tough for the family, and 2 weeks ago they suffered some serious tyre problems on 1 of their vehicles, in addition the brake pads on this car is worn out, making the car unsafe to drive.

This family have been through enough hardship to last them a life time, they are very deserving of a helping hand. Hot Cares will be assisting Tayla's family with a car service, including new tyres, as well as grocery and household supplies to the combined value of R 14 000.

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