Radio Days Africa RDA 2016 #radiowontfall

RDA 2016 #radiowontfall

Despite being under pressure from a variety of media offerings, radio continues to thrive. Prof Franz Kruger chats to Helen Boaden, Daryl Ilbury and Leslie Ntloko about the state of radio in South Africa, the continent and across the world. #radiowontfall will look at trends in innovation and technology, as well as the relationship between audiences and radio brands in a changing landscape.
Once-off English South Africa News
40 Episodes
1 – 20

#RDA16 Liesbeth Tjon A Meevw

Liesbeth Tjon A Meevw who gives a presentation about what it means to be a journalist from and for the African diaspora. How diasporas always look for comparisons and commonalities, and how the world is becoming our home.
1 Jul 2016 33 min

Swimming Upstream By Travis Bussiahn (01 July 2016)

Working alongside Kagiso Media, Travis Bussiahn and his team developed two streaming projects aimed at traditional radio audiences. A year into these services, Travis shares learnings and successes in a very new media landscape in the South African context.
1 Jul 2016 26 min

#RDA16: The Digital Dollar (01-07-2016)

Eric Eisen (Marketing Manager: SoCast - Canada) The ability to monetise non-traditional platforms is a key area to ensure financial sustainability in the media sector. Eric Eisen explains how to successfully develop strategies and techniques around selling digital platforms in an ever-evolving technological world.
1 Jul 2016 33 min

#RDA: Innovation: It's Not Rocket Science (01-07-2016)

George Wright (Head of Internet Research and Future Services: BBC – United Kingdom) Heading up a team of innovative thinkers and tech trendsetters, George Wright talks about the process of innovation in the radio industry. George will share some thinking and examples of the work currently being carried out by…
1 Jul 2016 41 min

#RDA16: The Panama Papers (01-07-2016)

Yafa Fredrick (Managing Editor: World Policy Journal) The Panama Papers is an unprecedented investigation that reveals the off-shore links of some of the globe’s most prominent figures. A conglomerate of media partners has spent a year sifting through 11.5 million leaked files to expose the off-shore holdings of prominent figures…
1 Jul 2016 36 min

Are We On The Same Frequency? By Lynn Mansfield (01/07/2016)

The DAB trials have been running in South Africa for more than a year. Lynn Mansfield and Roelf Petersen give an overview of the progress that has been made in the country. In this session, the new LG DAB handset will also be on display – a first in Africa.
1 Jul 2016 29 min

#RDA16 #RadioWontFall The State of The Survey by Clare O'Neil

Radio people who believe audience research are few and far between. The recently-launched Broadcast Research Council aims to provide accurate audience measuring for the South African radio industry. Clare O’Neil will present the future of audience research and the session will create insight for broadcasters and marketers interested in the…
30 Jun 2016 46 min

#RDA16 #RadioWontFall Master Class Field Recording by Angie Kapelianis

The traditional radio journalist is facing a changed work environment as technology connects broadcasters and audiences, and allows the transfer of information to happen immediately. The need to verify and to ensure balanced reporting is, however, still non-negotiable. Angie Kapelianis deals with the skills and environment of operating in the…
30 Jun 2016 54 min

#RDA16 #RadioWontFall CAR: Radio On The Rise Father by John Mangenou

Being a very politically-charged and war-ravaged area, the CAR is a delicate environment for media practitioners. Father John Mangenou shares his experiences of the radio landscape in this territory and how radio can positively impact the lives of citizens and their journey to peace.
30 Jun 2016 38 min

#RDA16: Master Class: Airchecking (30-06-2016)

Zane Derbyshire (Programme Manager: East Coast Radio) In this session we will walk through a series of tips and techniques to best coach and develop on-air teams and DJ’s. The concepts like building memorable moments, selling the music, using callers, using imaging and all-round great technique will also be discussed…
30 Jun 2016 1 hr 15 min

#RDA16: Changing Communities (30-06-2016)

Mathapelo Mofokeng (Programme Director: The Children’s Radio Foundation) Teaching children to better communicate and tell their stories empowers the youth within their communities. Mathapelo Mofokeng talks about how the Children’s Radio Foundation changes lives through story-telling.
30 Jun 2016 29 min

Will I Get Paid For That? Managing Volunteers.By Charita & Mike (30/06/2016)

Community radio relies heavily on the use of volunteer staff. The ability to balance an effective training schedule, good programming and time management is a major driver in managing volunteer staff. Both the Universities of Stellenbosch and The Witwatersrand run well-managed staff and volunteer-based radio stations. Charita van der Berg…
30 Jun 2016 1 hr 01 min

Master Class: Imaging By Natano Branche & Tumelo (30 June 2016)

Often described as the glue that keeps the sound of a radio station together, imaging and production form an essential part of any radio format. Xxx guides a very interactive session in radio imaging and shares ideas in creating the perfect sound for your station.
30 Jun 2016 1 hr 46 min

#RDA16 #RadioWontFall The African Diaspora by John Masuku & Liesbeth Meeuw

This panel discussion examines catering for and delivering radio content to audiences far away from their home countries. The challenges of politics, finance and the distribution of content are among the topics that will be discussed. Successes of catering for the African Diaspora will be shared.
30 Jun 2016 34 min

#RDA16: Activation Station (30-06-2016)

Nick Efstathiou (General Manager: OFM) Programming and marketing departments in radio stations often meet in a common activation space. Nick Efstathiou details best practices in ensuring both client and radio station enjoy maximum benefit from an event. Having spent both time as a programming and marketing manager, Nick understands the…
30 Jun 2016 23 min

Tell Me A Story By Jonathan Groubert (30 June)

If you want your audience to understand, learn and, above all, CARE about the news, you have to tell them a story. Using African examples, RNTC senior trainer, Jonathan Groubert, will show you how factual storytelling is the most powerful way to make your media matter.
30 Jun 2016 37 min

#RDA16 #RadioWontFall #FeesMustFall by Lerato Mkate

The 2015 #feesmustfall student uprising was widely reported in both local and international media. Being in the heart of the student body, campus radio had the unique ability to tap directly into on-campus events and students’ associated emotions. Charita van der Berg and Lerato Makate tell us how their stations…
30 Jun 2016 33 min

#RDA16: Balancing Burundi And Libya (30-06-2016)

Janet Anderson (Relations Manager: RNW Media – The Netherlands) Operating in conflicted and fractured landscapes, Janet Anderson tells us about the development of journalistic values, linking social media with radio for maximum impact and dealing with rumour vs fact vs opinion. She will also discuss local and international partnerships and…
30 Jun 2016 32 min
1 – 20