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10km, 21km or 42km. It doesn't matter what distance or time you run, what matters is that you RUN. In this weekly running podcast Coach Lindsey Parry helps you become a better a runner.
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We help Steven plan his Comrades Marathon Back to Back attempt

On this edition of the RUN with Coach Parry Podcast we are joined by another member of the Coach Parry Online Training Club, Steven Pinnock. In this podcast you will discover: ✅ More about Steven's running journey and how he got into the sport ✅ The plan we put in…
18 Mar 2020 30 min

We help Alicia put a plan in place to run a sub 10 hour Comrades Marathon

In this edition of RUN with Coach Parry we catch up with another member of the Coach Parry Online Training Club, Alicia Ehlers. In this one on one coaching call you'll discover: ✅ How Alicia bounced back and started running after breaking her back in a major motorcycle accident. ✅…
4 Mar 2020 22 min

How to set good goals - Brendan Dunn's one on one coaching call

On today's podcast, Lindsey and Brad are joined by Brendan Dunn who wants to find out how to get past a bad Comrades experience and how to set good goals for himself. We talk about the importance of consistency and finding a strategy that works for you as an individual…
29 May 2019 29 min

Ramadan, fasting and Comrades - Nabila Mulla's one on one coaching call

Today we welcome Nabila Mulla, another member of the Coach Parry Online Training Club, onto the podcast and talk about how Ramadan and fasting affects training. Lindsey helps Nabila put a plan together for her training schedule and advises her on how she should be training during Ramadan in preparation…
17 Apr 2019 35 min
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