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How Geoffrey went from a 3:15 marathon to a 2:53 in less than 18 months

On this edition of RUN with Coach Parry we catch up with Geoffrey Abrams as we put a plan in place to help him run a Silver medal at Comrades.

In this podcast you'll discover:

✅ How Geoffrey went from a 3:15 to a 2:53 marathon in less than 18 months

✅ What lessons Geoffrey took out of Comrades 2019 where he missed a silver medal.

✅ How to improve your running form and approach when running up and downhill

✅ How to even out any of your body's running biomechanics imbalances

✅ What do spikes in your heart rate mean, is it interference or should it be something to be worried about.

✅ The 2 secrets to Geoffrey's running improvements as he's gotten older

All the links mentioned in the podcast are below
Register for our Comrades Webinar Geoffrey's first interview Join Coach Parry

We help Margaux put a plan together to run a sub 3 hour Two Oceans Half Marathon

On this episode of RUN with Coach Parry we catch up with Margaux Truter who is training for the Two Oceans Half Marathon and we help her put a plan in place to run her first sub 3 hour 21km.

In this podcast:

✅ You will discover how she started running and some of the obstacles she had to overcome like stopping smoking.

✅ We put a plan in place that will enable Margaux to complete the Two Oceans Half Marathon in under the 3 hour cut off.

✅ We look at how to approach your training runs, so that you run them at the correct paces.

✅ We discuss how to choose the training routes that are going to give you the biggest benefit

✅ We also spoke about the best way to adjust your running stride for maximum impact, particularly when running up and down hills.

✅ We touched on what cross-training should Margaux add to her plan that will help her reach her goal

✅ and also why regular visits to a physiotherapist is important (even if you're not injured)

The links to the resources mentioned in the podcast are below.
The Ask Coach Parry Podcast Register for the Comrades Webinar

The importance of pacing - Michelle van Tonder's one on one coaching call

Today on RUN with Coach Parry we welcome Michelle van Tonder onto the podcast where Coach Markus answers all of her running questions. We find out how Michelle got into the sport of running and how she had to take a break and then start again after suffering a stress fracture to her hip.

Michelle is currently focusing on half marathons as she slowly builds up to longer distances so Markus helps her understand why following the right paces is important and helps her put a plan together for her races.

How to approach Comrades after a failed attempt - Michael do Carmo's one on one coaching call

On today's episode of RUN with Coach Parry, Lindsey and Brad are joined by one of our Coach Parry Online Training Club members Michael do Carmo as we chat to him about his running and give him some advice to get him across the Comrades 2020 finish line.

Michael tells us about his attempt at Comrades 2019, his race day experience and the struggles he faced with injury during the race.

How to set good goals - Brendan Dunn's one on one coaching call

On today's podcast, Lindsey and Brad are joined by Brendan Dunn who wants to find out how to get past a bad Comrades experience and how to set good goals for himself.

We talk about the importance of consistency and finding a strategy that works for you as an individual. Lindsey also offers his advice on how to structure your training programme leading up to Comrades.

Taking on Comrades for the first time - Betsy Rabie's one on one coaching call

Coach Parry Training Club member Betsy Rabie joins Brad and Lindsey on the podcast today as we talk about how she feels leading up to her first Comrades and answer her questions.

We talk about how to deal with missed training sessions and whether or not you should try catch it up on another day. Lindsey and Betsy also chat about the discipline needed to run at a slower pace than you want to and the different methods you can use to check if you need to adjust your pace on a run.

Adapting your race strategy on the go - Lisa Krumnikl's one on one coaching call

We welcome Lisa Krumnikl onto the podcast today for her one on one coaching call with Coach Markus. Lisa is currently headed for her second Comrades so we help her put a plan in place to help her reach her goals.

Markus also advises Lisa on what her average heart rate should be using the 'math method' and they discuss how it's better to take it easy on the up run and go harder on the down.

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