We help Steven plan his Comrades Marathon Back to Back attempt

On this edition of the RUN with Coach Parry Podcast we are joined by another member of the Coach Parry Online Training Club, Steven Pinnock.

In this podcast you will discover:

✅ More about Steven's running journey and how he got into the sport

✅ The plan we put in place to help Steven get his Back to Back at Comrades

✅ How to get the nutrition balance right so that you can push in a marathon

✅ How to transition from stability to neutral running shoes and when is the right time to do it

✅ When is the right time to change shoes

✅ How to assess from the wear on your shoes what type of running shoes you should be running in

✅ The best way to approach hills on your training runs

✅How stretching and strength work can improve your back pain

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