EP34: SA Lean Start-Up Story - Bottles with Enrico Ferigolli

In this episode we talk to Enrico Ferigolli, co-founder of Bottles, about an incredible story of resilience, tenacity and success. It was 2016 when Vincent Viviers and Enrico Ferigolli forever altered South Africa's alcohol retail landscape by launching the first on-demand alcohol delivery app and service. In mid 2018, Bottles partnered with Pick ‘n Pay Liquor to scale their beverage delivery business and cement their place as the leading on-demand alcohol delivery servicer in the country.

Fast track to 2020, e-commerce has grown by 10% in SA, making an on-demand delivery service even more appealing. Bottles has more than doubled its reach and trebled its volume of orders this year. The company is consistently ranked as the number one app in the food and drink category and rated within the top 50 apps overall, in South Africa. To top it all off (see what we did here), Pick ‘n Pay made an announcement in November 2020 to buy them out.

If you are thinking of starting a business, already have a business, don’t miss out on this conversation.