Episode 2 - Let's Drive with Giniel de Villiers

The team is joined by Toyota Gazoo Racing South Africa legend Giniel de Villiers as they look back at his stellar career and find out how he's coping during lockdown.

Meanwhile, the all-new BMW 3-Series is put under the spotlight, as is the Mustang Roush stage 3 conversion.

Are you ready? Let's drive!
25 Apr 2020 English South Africa Automotive

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Episode 6 - The Maserati Experience

The team discuss the highs and lows of the Maserati Levante, unwrap the VW Amarok Canyon and touch on the Renault Koleos. They also catch up with Toyota Gazoo Racing SA navigator Simon Vacy-Lyle and debate the best cars to jump into after lockdown. Are you ready? Let's drive!
29 Jun 2020 46 min

Episode 5 - The Compact Kia & The Big BMW

The team reviews the compact SUV Kia Seltos and the massive BMW X7, while Hannes and Waldo debate the merits (or lack thereof) of a CVT gearbox. Toyota Gazoo Racing SA's Guy Botterill pops in for a chat, and as always, the show wraps up with the Let's Drive Top…
5 Jun 2020 50 min

Episode 4 - The Lamborghini Spectacular

The team discuss all things Lamborghini, with Hannes having tested the Huracan Evo, while Waldo took to the streets in the magnificent Urus. The feedback was positive, to say the least. Toyota Gazoo Racing SA Navigator Brett Cummings pops in for a chat about his impressive achievements, while the Let's…
22 May 2020 49 min

Episode 3 - Hyundai's Latest Hot Hatchback

The team discover the Hyundai i30N and welcome Citroen back to South Africa, while Toyota Gazoo Racing SA's GTC driver Michael van Rooyen makes a guest appearance. The Let's Drive Top Five then debates the best hot hatchbacks to have ever hit the road.
8 May 2020 36 min

Episode 1 - S-Pressos, E-Games and L-Ockdowns

In this first episode of Let's Drive, Waldo, Hannes and Derek bring in Suzuki South Africa brand marketing manager Brendon Carpenter to discuss the S-Presso – Suzuki’s new mini SUV. Also under review: the new Audi A1 Sportback and the Mitsubishi Triton. The team also brings in gaming expert Len…
15 Apr 2020 51 min