Kindness with our Kids

It’s not always possible to be kind to our children all of the time. Life is demanding and busy, and there are moments when they seem to bring out the worst in us. We are impatient and short, unavailable and limited by our own shortfalls as a person in a stressful world. In your quest to be kind to yourself and your children, start by setting all of you free from the idea of perfection. By holding ourselves ransom to an unrealistic idea of the perfect parent and person, we are overwhelming ourselves. And, we are building the illusion that ‘perfect’ is possible for our children as well. It’s okay to make mistakes and get it wrong. Use these moments to learn and grow together in supportive and kind ways. We do this by role-modeling certain key behaviors – admitting when we’ve messed up, saying sorry and asking for forgiveness, brainstorming ways we could all do it better next time, taking the consequences, asking for help when we don’t know what to do.
Affirmation: I can turn regret into wisdom.