Mute: The Cowardly Approach

Rich Mulholland is back with his dose of witty expertise on Reality Check. This week, he discusses why 'muting' someone you follow on social media is rather cowardly, compared to rather telling them why you aren't interested in seeing what they post. Find out Rich's perspective on how to handle this 21st century predicament.
3 Jun 2019 English Explicit South Africa Comedy · Society & Culture

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Twitter Etiquette

Rich Mulholland steps in to discuss this week's Reality Check with Gareth Cliff and the team, this time looking at Twitter etiquette. The conversation gets interesting when they begin to look at what's behind a retweet. In his humorous, unique and insightful way, Rich highlights the point that - "If…
30 Nov 2015 17 min

"God's Work"

Rich Mulholland discusses prayer and what he feels it does during times of need, aptly after the recent Paris attacks. He touches on the belief attached to prayer along with his take on the people who volunteer themselves to do "God's work".
16 Nov 2015 16 min

‘Buy Me Stuff’ Parties

Rich is fed up with all the events and occasions that are actually meaningless, but require a gift. Engagement Parties, Push Presents, Nappy Parties… what’s next? Money is a less awkward gift, as long as it’s accompanied by poetry?
3 Aug 2015 11 min

"Don't be THAT guy!"

Rich Mulholland had a flight delay over the weekend which prompts him to vent about how people behave in airports and on planes. He also has excellent advice about arm rest etiquette... plus some genius ideas about venting on email and leaving a legacy of life lessons.
17 Aug 2015 10 min

What's in a Name?

Gareth Cliff plays Rich Mulholland his new theme song, before Rich launches into a tirade about people who don't tell you their names, especially if you're the forgetful type. It helps to have a partner to swoop in and save you in these uncomfortable situations. Rich suggests a life-saving app…
24 Aug 2015 8 min