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Rich Mulholland helps us solve an annoying problem, cut through the crap and make sense of the nonsense. Like a shot of adrenaline, Rich plugs us into his high-voltage supercharger to see the world in glorious HD, at high speed and de-clutter the confusing journey of being human. What better way to start your week than inspired and empowered with clarity?

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Are we simply learning too much?

Ever on the pulse of things informative and enlightening, Rich Mulholland worries that we are perhaps over indulging in the learning and not doing enough of the doing. Learning certainly has a place in our lives, but an overload here prevents us from doing what matters most.

Learning from fights on the internet

Fighting on the internet is nothing new, but Rich has some new lessons for you to learn from them. He delves into the backfire effect, and how we believe arguments more when they are disputed, which naturally leads to all kinds of wrongs no matter who you are. Understanding our biases is a valuable lesson in life, and one you can learn here.

You probably shouldn't follow your passion

Rich Mulholland's latest words of wisdom will give you some much needed professional perspective. Many people try and follow their passions, but where does that put them in the world? Rich provides an answer to this, and touches on how one way of thinking is very detrimental when it comes to success.

The responsibility we all have towards women's rights.

Rich is never one to shy away from the tough topics, mostly because he has the ability to simplify things so brilliantly. This week he delves into women's rights, and how we all need to apply ourselves to this topic in more ways than one. Advice and wisdom so good, you will look forward to implementing it into your life.

F*ck everything

Rich has a bone to pick with all these authors who apparently don't give a 'f*ck', but by using an '*'. The irony is both annoying and just too much to take right now, but as always Rich breaks the issue down for what it is in PC culture.

Is fat shaming all that bad?

In the majority of cases, weight gain is a choice. Rich shares his personal experience on this subject, and how gaining weight has become so normalised that people are becoming far too okay with it. The issue needs to be addressed though, as difficult as it is, and Rich is the man to do it.

Keeping people's attention

Rich has made a career of making people listen to him. He therefore has a great understanding around gaining people's attention and keeping it. This week he touches upon the fundamentals of this, and how self-awareness is key to know you are saying the right things, and balancing your conversations so you don't make people lose interest in you.

Laughter is the key to Happiness

Rich tears into a bad movie and in doing so provides a life experience on how laughter cures literally everything. We often over-complicate things in our lives, but thankfully Rich always sets us straight with his reality check.

Stress is a Decision

In this week's healthy dose of Reality Check, Rich speaks of an epiphany he recently came to while travelling: Stress is a decision. Hear him explain why he says that, along with tactics he uses to stop himself from getting caught up in the craziness of panic and worry.

Curing sexual addiction through cryptocurrency

Rich wants to just have a good old fashioned rant, and it is about something that just isn't going away. People going on about cryptocurrency, and more importantly people boring others with obsessing over one subject. He and Gareth discuss the importance of balanced interests, and how we need to approach our lives with a greater understanding of our surroundings.

Getting off the fence on taking offence

Rich adds some crucial colour to everyday life, and gives you a better perspective on things that others find troublesome. The ongoing issue of 'being offended' or 'taking offence' gets more attention here, with a take out that is as simple as could be.

Follow Gluttony

Rich Mulholland raises the idea of why we think Twitter is broken because of what he terms 'follow gluttony'. Hear why he thinks we should all go on an information diet.

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