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Rich Mulholland helps us solve an annoying problem, cut through the crap and make sense of the nonsense. Like a shot of adrenaline, Rich plugs us into his high-voltage supercharger to see the world in glorious HD, at high speed and de-clutter the confusing journey of being human. What better way to start your week than inspired and empowered with clarity?

Skin Colour Conundrums & Absolute Contexts

Dove have done the unthinkable, they have messed with skin colour! Their intentions were naturally as pure as they say their products are, but thanks to rabble rousing culture this matters not. Now people are calling to boycott the brand, which gets Rich to remind us about absolute context and why we get angered by things.

When police are allowed to be heavy handed.

Police brutality is something that has come into the spotlight over the last couple of years, but is it all unwarranted? Rich Mulholland has a strong argument for the police strong arming those that deserve it, and poses some thought provoking perspectives on the matter.

The Irony of Free Speech & Left Sensitivities

CNN interviews someone over free speech, and instantly get offended by him saying he believes in boobs. The irony escaped them of course, but naturally not Rich, who unpacks the problems around free speech and people's double standards around this.

Making your Future You proud

We all indulge a bit in the winter, but do we get back in shape for summer? Many don't because they are too scared to be around perfect people in a gym. Screw your pride though - that's the big lesson today from Rich. Short term pride is sabotaging the long term game, and we need to stop this now.

Verbal & non-verbal communication

Ever one to go beyond the surface of a topic, Rich explores the Mehrabian myth and the elements of verbal and non-verbal communication. What we say is still so much more important than how we say things, meaning we really should be questioning people in the spotlight more than ever.

Creating a worthwhile Morning Ritual

We can all be better. Rich believes in this and has some worthwhile advice on how we can all start operating at a higher level. By developing a worthwhile morning ritual, we can plan better and make sure we stay focused on what is important to us. It also makes you honest, which is never a bad thing.

Free is Overrated

When you aren't invested in something, your interest is naturally much lower. Rich makes the point how everybody wants things for free, but this means they seldom value it like they should. The freebie culture isn't helping us move forward and this needs to be addressed once and for all.

Speak Out

After reminiscing about some iconic concerts, Rich poses the concern of the emerging culture of being too concerned about offending people that one doesn't even say anything, stressing the fact too that it's actually okay to be different but how it's not okay to not have equal rights.

Escape-Goal Gravity

Continuing the conversation from last week, Rich cautions about not getting too wrapped up in accomplishing one specific goal, that you neglect your others in a theory he's termed 'Escape-Goal Gravity'.

Do you Really have a Bucket List?

Inspired by a Ted Talk called 'Before I Die', Rich got a whole new perspective about what a 'bucket list' really is and how we don't realistically have one. The cancer of procrastination is holding us all back, but with a bit of constructive urgency we can change that. Purpose is nothing without intention, so get started with that list right here.

Marked as Safe

The system of checking into Facebook to show you are safe is getting abused. It is a great tool to deal with major disasters, but has it gone too far? Is this just another cry for attention as people want the world to know they were close to danger in life? Or do we just all feel we are part of the news nowadays thanks to never-ending media integration?

Gallows Humour & Timing

With so much disaster going on in the world right now, humour is sometimes all we have left. But when is it okay to laugh at something? Timing is crucial to this, something that Rich elaborates on in his unique way.

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