EasyEquities Group now servicing 2.06 million clients.


• EasyEquities Group revenue increased by 11.1% to R237.8 million, from

R214.0 million in the prior year;

• Registered clients increased by 18% to 2.06 million, compared to 1.75 million in

the prior year;

• Active clients increased by 17.5% to 897,940, compared to 763,907 in the prior


• Platform assets increased by 25.3% to R46.6 billion, compared to R37.2 billion in

the prior year;

• Retail inflows decreased by 28.1% to R5.90 billion, compared to R8.20 billion in

the prior year;

• Institutional inflows increased by 169.9% to R5.2 billion, compared to R1.9 billion

in the prior year;

• Cost of service per active client decreased by 10.0% to R170, from R188 in the

prior year;

• Loss before fair value adjustments and tax of R44.0 million compared to a profit

of R31.4 million in the prior year
30 Nov 2023 3PM English South Africa Business News · Investing

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