EP150: Celebrating 150 Episodes with the Nahana Communications Group

Can you believe it – The DOC & The GURU Podcast celebrates 150 episodes this week! And we have another great two guests in studio, as we welcome Ayanda Mda and Papikie Seopa from the Nahana Communications Group to chat all about the important aspects of staff learning and development.

So if you would like to know what skills and attributes are needed to thrive in one of the biggest advertising and media groups, then this is the episode for you. Here Ayanda and Papi chat about the importance of curiosity (of both the industry and your clients’ business), agility and flexibility as you are open, keen and able to constantly learn new things, embracing diverse points of view and avoiding ‘boxing’ yourself in.

We also discuss the power of culture, living values, audacious sessions and how to ‘empower and empassion’. This all fits into a framework of exceptional processes that are constantly applied throughout the Group and married with great, thoughtful and compassionate leaders.

Again, it’s a great episode of The DOC & The GURU Podcast!

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