EP148: Mediamark COMMvibe: Bridging the Community Radio Gap - Wayne Bishoff

Established over many years as a leading audio and digital solutions company Mediamark represents some of South Africa’s most iconic radio stations - and in this episode of the Doc and Guru Podcast we’re joined by CEO Wayne Bischoff.

Through the recently launched COMMvibe community radio initiative in the Western Cape Kagiso Media and Mediamark are building on the foundation of the primary Kagiso Trust mandate to uplift and empower disadvantaged communities.

David Ogilvy once described radio as the Cinderella medium. But if we analyse community radio’s ability to act as an audio Stargate and to build trust and engagement in the very heart of a community, then maybe community radio is really the Sleeping Beauty medium - and COMMvibe is the handsome gender-neutral heir to the royal thrown.

All too often media strategy has become a matter of balancing enhanced niche engagement with audience volume, in macabre pas de deux with procurement.

But by aggregating community radio audiences in the Western Cape into cost-efficient packages that are designed to compensate for endemic under-delivery of TV campaigns in that region, COMMvibe has broken the spell and developed a powerful community radio collaboration which ticks all the right boxes. Media strategy and procurement alike.

In the past many community radio stations have been reluctant to participate in initiatives like this – how does the Kagiso Trust mandate engender trust in the partnership?

Is there a training component to the initiative?

How has Mediamark addressed traditional procurement shortcomings like proof of flighting?

Tune in to this episode of the Doc and the Guru Podcast and find out how you can use community radio not just to Mind the Gap but to Bridge the Gap.