EP147: A Podcast Fit For A King

This week’s guest on The DOC & The GURU Podcast is Alistair King, Co-Founder of King James and MD/Chief Creative Officer (Africa), Accenture Song. We often say it, as we continue to have such great guests, but this is really an episode not to miss.

In a fantastic chat, Alistair discusses having great aspirations and dreams, detours along the way, the highlights of building SA’s most successful independent agency over 24 years and then selling last year to Accenture Song, the world’s largest digital agency.

We chat about the work and people, culture and clients, as well as constant reinvention and agility (as Alistair wrote his first ad-copy on an old-school typewriter). So, if you want to hear about consulting houses using creativity to solve complex business problems, the thrill of people discussing your advert in a bar, with a healthy dose of life lessons thrown in, then this is the show for you.

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