EP144: News and the Joy of Writing Part 1 - Heather Robert Editor or DM168

This week on the Doc and Guru Podcast we chat with veteran journalist and Editor of Daily Maverick 168 on the road increasingly less travelled by journalists and advertisers alike.

After more than 3 decades in journalism, media and innovation project-management Heather’s understanding of the challenges facing news publishers offers a unique insight into the role of newspapers and online news in fixing a broken nation.

If newspaper journalism is a service not just to the people who can afford to pay for a title, but also to the public at large, how do publishers balance this role with the commercial imperative? Many marketers seem to have bought into the mantra that “newspapers are dead” but is it fundamentally nothing more than a content distribution metamorphoses?

Don’t forget to join us for Part 2 of the Doc and Guru podcast tomorrow, with Daily Maverick 168 editor Heather Robertson, as we explore the role of trust in enhancing advertising response in traditional media, and the difference between writing for joy in a printed newspaper or an online news service.