EP139: The Marketing Achievement Awards - Tinyiko Mageza

In another fantastic episode that celebrates finalists in the Marketer of the Year category for this year’s Marketing Achievement Awards, The DOC & The GURU chat with Tinyiko Mageza, the Executive Head of Marketing at the V & A Waterfront.

Listen is, as Tinyiko chats passionately and authentically about her love of her job and how her precinct (with its multiple stakeholders) is so much more than a Ferris wheel and boat cruises around the harbour – in fact it’s an extension of the City of Cape Town, and a jewel in SA’s tourism crown. However it’s not just for tourists, as she and her team have refreshed and repositioned the V & A Waterfront, and continue to work at making the area, with its numerous attractions, a welcoming place for all.

There are incredible people doing incredible things there, and no more so than the ‘From Africa To the World’ initiative that is purposeful marketing at its very best – as it showcases and celebrates some of the best African arts and crafts. This is an excellent example of marketing amplifying and dramatising the business purpose.

Tinyiko furthermore shares critical skills and advice for marketers of today and into the future; sometimes you (as she did) have to take that ‘leap of faith’, don’t let your business definition (in her case, it’s a property development company) limit your marketing dreams, look for the ‘spaces between the buildings’, care deeply and empathetically, show up in an authentic way and see things from the customer’s view as you create ‘moments that matter’.

This is another insightful The DOC & The GURU Podcast – as we wish Tinyiko, and the other finalists, all the best for the upcoming awards.

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