EP138: The Marketing Achievement Awards - Firoze Bhorat

In our 2nd episode that celebrates finalists in the Marketer of the Year category for this year’s Marketing Achievement Awards, The DOC & The GURU chat with Firoze Bhorat, the Chief Marketing Officer at the Discovery Group.

In an extremely insightful episode, Firoze discusses some of what makes Discovery such a successful company; centralised marketing for all of the verticals so that there’s a comprehensive customer ecosystem, positive behavioural change leading to an unlocking of shared value, replicating parts of the SA-model globally, really demonstrating their purpose with the Discovery Vaccination Centres, and employing the best and brightest marketers who have a fundamental understanding of their respective business units.

He also speaks about robust thinking and ‘staying with the problem longer’, that often leads to better results with products and services that are streets ahead of others, whilst completely disrupting the category. Listen in to hear about the ‘peacock effect’ in media and also some of Discovery’s very interesting values and company culture.

Firoze furthermore shares critical skills and advice for marketers of today and into the future; understand the business so that you are able to positively contribute and don’t just stay in your ‘marketing lane’, seize your opportunities as they present themselves, step out of your comfort zone to stretch your thinking, and understand that career capital is often built exponentially.

This is another insightful The DOC & The GURU Podcast – as we wish Firoze, and the other finalists, all the best for the upcoming awards.

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