EP128: Shanaaz Nel - Media Host - Group CEO

This week on The DOC & The GURU Podcast, we chat with Shanaaz Nel, Media Host Group CEO, about a host of interesting marketing and media matters, including the recent acquisition of PEAR by Media Host.

So, listen in to hear about Shanaaz’s journey from founder and CEO of the first black woman-owned media monitoring company in SA, to her new and expanded role today, operating in 22 countries. Not only do we get into marketing technology solutions, the global Adstream platform, Adlytics and a whole lot more; we chat about their real-life application and how even celebrities fighting a high-profile court battle can’t hide.

As we always say, our expert guests bring so much knowledge to the podcast – and this week is no different. From the accelerating acceptance and use of technology, to the ongoing fragmentation of the media landscape, and from different consumer preferences, to the ebb and flow of new versus traditional media, it’s all in this episode.

So be in the know and listen to The DOC & The GURU Podcast for Free!

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26 May 2022 English South Africa Marketing

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