Let's get vaccinated and open up our stagnant economy - Piet Mouton on his open letter to all South Africans

PSG chief executive Piet Mouton has gone out on a limb, putting pen to paper on one of the more controversial issues of 2021, vaccinations. Mouton's message is simple - vaccinations are the only solution to getting the economy up and running again. He outlines that those not willing to get vaccinated are creating a burden for the rest of society. Although data can be manipulated to suit many different narratives, the overwhelming evidence is that vaccines are effective against preventing serious illness and death. There have been a few rare cases of the vaccines creating serious illness and death but Mouton argues that we can't live in fear of the isolated, low percentage scenarios. One million jobs have already been lost in South Africa as a result of this pandemic. How many more are we willing to lose?